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How To Press A Record

We get the call a lot – “How do I get my record pressed”? We try to make things as easy as possible, so below you will find an [ultra-simplified] description of the process. Of course, each of the bullet points below could go into a LOT more detail — so, we encourage you to call us at (800) 295-0171 or email us at [email protected] to get more specifics. This is a bird’s eye overview:

Figure out your budget.

A big part of this is knowing how much material you are trying to put onto the record. As an [overly simplified] guideline – figure around 18-22 minutes per side on a 12″ record, and 4-5 minutes on a 7inch (although longer sides can fit on a 7inch at 33rpm, with some tradeoffs). Please! Call us to talk out these details. We also have an online Record Builder tool to help you build/price out your project. Here is a video to see it in action.

Get your audio prepared.

Particularly if you are starting from a digital source instead of from master tape, you really should get your audio professionally mastered for vinyl. We can probably make almost any source work – but you will always wind up with a better sounding record if it is professionally prepared. Here are some mastering resources.

Prepare your art to our art templates.

Similar to audio, you will get the best results if you have your art professionally prepared. We do offer graphic setup services, we do have an art guide, and our templates are online. Many people do their own art using Photoshop — totally doable, but we encourage you to call us if you have any questions about the Photoshop instructions on our art guide.

Place your order.

All orders are placed via our website here. Of course, we are happy to be on the phone with you while you are filling out the order form – please always feel free to call us at (800) 295-0171 and we will walk you through.

Submit your files and payment.

After you submit your order via our website, you will receive an order confirmation email — typically within a few business hours (we are open Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm Eastern). This email will provide you with a job number and a link to upload your files on our website. Please only send your files via our website using your assigned job number – this helps you get the fastest processing time. The order confirmation email will also provide you with and estimated pressing time frame, as well as payment instructions (a 50% deposit is due upon order placement, and balance due when the order is ready to ship).

Send approvals.

Throughout the process, you will receive items from us to approve — art proofs, audio test cuts, audio test pressings. Please aim to send us approvals within 2 business days of receipt.

Get your records!

Be sure that you have finalized all shipping information with us by the time you are approving your test pressings. When your records finish, you will receive a final invoice via email – orders ship the same day if payment is received by 2pm Eastern.

That’s it in a nutshell! You might also find our Glossary of Vinyl Terms useful — and we cannot say this enough, please call or email us any time with questions! (800) 295-0171 or [email protected]

We want to press your next record.

Custom Record Pressing

-Professional mastering and cutting
-High quality plating & pressing
-Unsurpassed quality control
-Custom printed packaging
-Download audio/video hosting
-Distribution/fulfillment consulting
-Responsive customer service

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We want to press your next record.

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