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This Is What You Get With A Gotta Groove Pressing:

We think we have something really special to offer at GGR, and we want you to be part of it.

Every detail counts when you are aiming to make high quality vinyl records.  There are five key attributes that set apart Gotta Groove Records pressings from those of other pressing plants – Experience, Materials, Quality Control, Convenience, and Customer Service:

  • Experience:

Making records is not easy, and experience counts. Since our opening in 2009, we have pressed several million records — over 8,000 individual vinyl releases.  These titles range from widely distributed releases such as Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit –  The Nashville Sound and  Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits  /  180 gram audiophile reissues such as Jaime Valle – ‘Round Midnight and Roy Orbison – In Dreams  /  indie releases such as Durand Jones & The Indications – S/T and Sarah Shook & The Disarmers – Sidelong  /  to private pressings such as Gary Wilson – You Think You Really Know Me and Matthew Logan Vasquez – Does What He Wants.

Whether you are a well established independent label looking to run 20,000 copies for a touring artist, a boutique indie label or self-releasing artist with an eye and ear for high quality sound and aesthetics, or a high school student wanting to press 50 copies to ask your significant other to prom (yep, we pressed this) — we want to press your next record.

When you hire GGR to cut your lacquers (this service is included in the pricing you see on our website), you will be working with some of the most experienced cutting engineers in the industry.  For 12″ jobs, all cuts are handled by Clint Holley and Dave Polster of Well Made Music — together, they have cut well over 10,000 records.  For 7″ jobs, all cuts are handled by Greg Reierson of Rare Form Mastering — in his 33 year career, he has mastered over 6,000 commercially released albums.

When you hire GGR to premaster your audio (when submitting digital source files, vs tape files), mastering work is handled by Adam Boose of Cauliflower Audio — he has been mastering since 2000, since he started his career at Cleveland, Ohio’s A to Z Audio Services, as well as his time spent archiving an mastering audio at Iron Mountain Digital Studios in Pennsylvania for the Universal, Sony, and Codigo record labels..

  • Materials:

Through our years of service, we have procured the best materials, and recruited the best team for each specific type of music.

Our lacquer engineering team makes every effort to ensure only the best blank lacquers are used for each project.

In 2018, we entered into an exclusive agreement with NiPro Optics to be our official record electroforming partner.  This move enables GGR to provide the best metal work from the most technologically advanced and modern electroforming facility in the entire world.  Each metal mother is listened to and recorded in its entirety, to establish a baseline for running test pressings, as well as preventing recurring issues in metal and lacquer processing.  A proprietary reverse-osmosis (RO) water system is used, verses the more traditional deionization (DI) water systems in use at other plating facilities.  Additionally, in 2017-2018, we worked with with NiPro Optics / NiPro Records to develop the first new form of record plating technology in the past 30 years — GrooveCoated™ stampers.  Depending upon the cut, this combination can dramatically increase the lifespan of the stamper, and reduce high frequency loss as pressing cycles continue over the course of manufacturing..

All GGR black vinyl pressings are made with CAF, SRL HF Black vinyl.  CAF, based in Italy, has been present in the European vinyl record market for over 40 years. This particular grade is one of the most preferred grades of vinyl used by European pressing plants.  We conducted extensive testing in collaboration with CAF during 2018, and we have found the formula to be superior in terms of both surface noise as well as prevention of non-fill and other molding issues. When compared to other PVC’s manufactured around the world, the CAF formula (which is an unleaded compound) is also very clean in terms of comparative PVC environmental impact; as well as the prevention of particulate contamination provided by the customized container it is shipped and stored within.

Not all records run the same way during manufacturing.  We use a variety of color PVC compounds, including those made by TPC, Rimtec, and CAF.  This provides flexibility to yield the best sounding records depending upon the audible and physical characteristics of each individual release, as well as an extreme selection of different vinyl colors — including Natural, which is the PVC manufactured by TPC that has no colorant added at all.

  • Quality Control:

Our primary focus in how we run our business is producing the highest quality records possible.  We are obsessed with quality – we admit we are not the fastest pressing plant, or the cheapest – but we are confident that you will get the best records for your money when you enlist our services.

No other pressing plant listens to as many records as Gotta Groove, period.  We have a separate listening room devoted to every two pressing machines we operate.  Every test pressing we run is thoroughly listened to, with extensive notes and an internal grading system applied, before passing and shipping to our customers.  Occasionally, we fail test pressings internally, so we do not waste customers’ precious time sending test pressings we would not feel comfortable buying ourselves.  While this approach does tend to lengthen the turnaround for test pressings, it dramatically reduces the overall start-to-finish turnaround of each order — 99% of the test pressings we ship are approved by our customers on the first run.

During final manufacturing, approximately every 25th record off each press is listened to – regardless of order quantity.  Why? This practice prevents records with imperfections that would otherwise enter the marketplace.  Period.  Regardless of the type of machine or process used to make record, there is no better proven method to screen for and prevent quality issues than listening to the records themselves.  Many issues are not visually apparent, and therefore require listening. As a result, the records we ship are as close to “perfect” pressings as is realistically possible with the vinyl format.

  • Convenience:

Since our inception, we have been devoted to making vinyl manufacturing as easy as it can be.  We provide everything you need to make a record in-house — vinyl mastering, lacquer cutting, plating, pressing, printed packaging, download code hosting, fulfillment, and even distribution if you need it.

Our focus on quality extends to the printed packaging we produce.  While we sell a full line of standard jacket and innersleeve options, it’s the ultra-custom options that are really in our wheelhouse.  Custom die-cutting, foil stamping, embossing/debossing, sequential foil stamp numbering, custom cardstocks — we have a vast array of tools unique to our local operation, and we can work with you to make the most customized design possible within your budget.

Finally, our proprietary Tip-On Gatefold jackets are different from any others in the marketplace – this is not your old school jacket – Dual film lamination (vs more common liquid based coatings) for the printed sides of the jacket, proprietary hybrid chipboard core, and the most consistently and carefully manufacturing method ever used for wrapped jackets combine to make our Tip-On Gatefold the ultimate record jacket ever produced for aesthetics and archival quality.

  • Customer Service:

You will not find a more responsive company in the industry – we answer our phones during business hours (if you get the voicemail, please leave a message – we are just tied up on the other line).  We answer emails within 24 business hours (and, most often, within minutes).  When you work with us, you are working directly with the folks who actually do the production of each element of your release, so you have direct lines of communication for each step of the process.

The vast majority of our employees are musicians, and almost all of us are vinyl record consumers ourselves.  So, we all take pride in the records that we put into the marketplace, and strive to produce them in a manner that we would be happy to buy with our own money.

Finally, we provide tools so the record making process can be as easy as possible — such as our Custom Record Builder — but we always welcome you to call or email us.

[email protected] or (800) 295-0171.

We want to press your next record.

Easy, Fun, High Quality Record Pressing

-Professional mastering and cutting
-High quality plating & pressing
-Unsurpassed vinyl quality control
-Custom printed packaging
-Download audio/video hosting
-Distribution/fulfillment consulting
-Responsive customer service

We want to press your next record.

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