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Fulfillment & Distribution

Fulfillment Services:

Tired of packing and mailing your own records?  Save time and money by having the Gotta Groovies fulfill your pre-orders!

Save on freight costs (no longer a need to ship records to you, only for you to re-ship them out to your customers).

Prevent damage (avoid the risk of loss/damage by only shipping records out once).

Save time (let us do the painstaking pick-pack-ship work for you).

Save money (hey, your time is worth a lot, isn’t it?).

While we can provide fulfillment services for a variety of platforms, but our preferred platform is Bandcamp.  On tour with limited vehicle space? Hey, records take up a lot of room! We can your records/merch to arrive at your various tour stops just in time for you shows.  No more lugging around boxes of merch in addition to your gear!

Contact us today to discuss Fulfillment Pricing [PDF], requirements, and other specifics.  Of course, feel free to call us at (800) 295-0171 any time!


Distribution Services:

Our distribution agent is CPI Distribution.  Based in the Cleveland area, Clay Pasternack has been providing distribution and sales repping services in the music industry for decades, and can help you with both physical and digital distribution.  CPI sells to the major wholesalers, Amazon, and directly to retail stores.  Feel free to reach out to Clay today, and be sure to mention that you are working with GGR.


Custom Record Pressing

-Professional mastering and cutting
-High quality plating & pressing
-Unsurpassed quality control
-Custom printed packaging
-Download audio/video hosting
-Distribution/fulfillment consulting
-Responsive customer service

We want to press your next record.

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(800) 295-0171

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