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HOW DO I GET A RECORD PRESSED?  Please check out our super-simplified overview of the process by clicking here.

HOW IS GOTTA GROOVE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PRESSING PLANTS?  We make it a point to not “knock” our competition.  All pressing plants have their own ways of operating, with the inherent positives/negatives that go along with their respective approaches.  Our two main focuses are 1. producing the highest quality records possible given the format’s limitations, and 2. providing the best customer service in the industry.

These are not just talking points — it is a fact that we employ more QA employees than any other pressing plant in the USA.  We have one separate listening room for every 2 presses we run.  Our practice of listening to every test pressing in its entirety before passing along to customers, and listening to portions of every 25th record we press yield a 98% test pressing approval rate, and prevent many of the most common issues associated with vinyl from entering the marketplace.

While we do not claim to have the fastest turnaround of any pressing plant, we do make sure that every customer inquiry is answered within 24 business hours (and, most of the time, much sooner).  Whenever possible, we try to coach customers through the art and audio processes in a manner that yields the optimum results for the end product.

So, if you are looking for the fastest turnaround, or the cheapest price – that’s cool, and we totally get why those expectations are needed for certain projects — but, we are probably not the best fit in such scenarios.  If you want to put out the best sounding and looking records that are possible within the format’s limitations, and you value having direct communication with human beings throughout the process – we want to press your next record.

PRICING QUESTIONS: Our prices are online or contact us at (800) 295-0171 or [email protected] for a quote. Also, we have put together a handbook that contains a lot of useful information — here is a link to a PDF that you can download, read and/or print:  GGR Record Manufacturing Guide (Note: this is a large PDF [approx 56mb] – it does not read well on a mobile device).

I DON’T UNDERSTAND VINYL TERMINOLOGY:  You might find some help by checking out our Glossary of Common Vinyl Terms.  Or, feel free to give us a shout at (800) 295-0171.

WHAT VINYL FORMATS DO YOU PRESS?  We make 7″ and 12″ vinyl records, in color and black.  Our 7″ averages 40+ grams (just in case 7″ weight is your thing).  Our standard 12″ weight averages between 130 and 155 grams (depending upon the sound characteristics of the record), so it is heavy and aesthetically pleasing.  We also press 180 gram LPs.  Final weight is determined by the program material itself, as well as the vinyl color(s). (Yes, the music can definitely affect weight, because temperatures/cycle times can vary to produce the best sound quality).

WHAT IS GOTTA GROOVE’S TURN TIME? We keep our turn time updated and published online for your convenience.

WHAT KIND OF AUDIO DO I NEED TO PROVIDE?  For the very best sound result, we highly recommend that you have your audio mastered specifically for vinyl by an engineer who regularly masters specifically for vinyl on a professional basis.  We cannot accentuate the importance of this step enough — a good source master makes a great record, every time.  Someone who professionally masters specifically for vinyl at least 50 releases annually will probably be knowledgeable and beneficial to work with.  We also have some referral sources with whom we regularly work.  This is a very important step not to skip.

If you are providing your audio master in a digital form, we prefer 24 bit wav files.  If you are providing tapes, please contact us at (800) 295-0171 to discuss requirements.

You can also find more detailed information here.

Attention mastering engineers — we would love to hear from you!  Instead of relying upon our mutual customer to upload audio files when placing their order with us, we would strongly prefer to receive the files directly from you — along with any feedback on specific concerns you encountered with the client during the mastering process.  Open-door communication will help all involved to make the best sounding records possible.  When customers supply masters to us without direct communication from the mastering engineer who prepared them, the customer entrusts us to make professional judgments in how the audio should be cut.  This works well for the vast majority of records that are cut in-house.  However, it does always help when a mastering engineer uploads audio files directly to our website and contacts us directly to discuss them – particularly when special considerations need to be taken into account.  We cannot stress our open-door policy enough.  


*Keep in mind, time limits are not a one-size-fits-all approach.  For example, 4 minutes of a soul ballad on a single side of a 7inch is a completely different record than a 7inch 45rpm side containing very bright heavy metal guitar.  We stress the importance of working with a professional mastering engineer who is very well versed in the limitations of the vinyl format for this reason.

•                     7″ @ 33 1/3 RPM: 6 minutes per side. (we can cut longer depending upon the music, however, please consult with us before placing your order). [NOTE: 45rpm is always the best choice for a 7″, if side length permits. 33rpm is more of a “compromise”, and can be more prone to distortion. Please call for more information.]

•                     7″ @ 45 RPM: 4.5 minutes per side. (we can cut longer depending upon the music, however, please consult with us before placing your order).

•                     12″ @ 33 1/3 RPM: 18 minutes per side is ideal, 20 minutes per side is still good, 22 minutes per side may cause issues depending upon the music, anything over 22 minutes – please call us before placing your order.

•                     12″ @ 45 RPM: 12 minutes per side is ideal, 14 minutes is ok, anything over 15 minutes – please call us before placing your order.

CAN YOU MAKE A ONE-OFF (SINGLE COPY) RECORD FOR ME?  No, this is just not physically possible.  The parts needed to be made just to start pressing any record order add up to most of the price for 50 copies — to run less than 50 would just not be cost feasible for you.  Also, when running test pressings, several copies are made and scrapped prior to having acceptable records to ship.  The process is just not built for one-offs.  If you really need a single copy (and you own the copyrights in the material you would like produced), there are companies such as Austin Signal which produce “lathe cuts”.  Lathe cuts are not pressed records, but can be played on a turntable.

WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COVER SONGS AND SAMPLES?  You need to clear all licenses before we can manufacture your record.  For cover songs, this is fairly easy – you can typically obtain a compulsory mechanical license from either Harry Fox,, Please note that if you are manufacturing a package which contains a record and a digital download, you must obtain TWO mechanical licenses per package – one for the vinyl and one for the digital download.  For samples (whether from music, television shows, motion pictures, or other sources) you must clear the samples (i.e., provide us with documentation that you have licensed the samples from their copyright holder(s)) before we can manufacture your record.  Please note that this is separate and different from a mechanical license — and it is not compulsory (i.e., unlike mechanical licenses which must be granted if the subject composition has ever been fixed in a tangible medium), copyright holders of sampled recordings are not compelled by law to grant you a license.  Therefore, these are typically much more difficult to obtain.  But, Gotta Groove must obey U.S. Copyright law and cannot manufacture records embodying uncleared samples and/or unlicensed cover songs / derivative works.  Please contact us prior to placing your order so that you understand your responsibilities under U.S. Copyright law.  More information and resources on these subjects are available at the bottom of this page.

WHAT KIND OF ART FILES DO I NEED TO PROVIDE?  Check out the art guide we have available here — it is written for those who are not professional designers.  If you need more detailed information, please call us at (800) 295-0171.

WHAT DO I NEED TO PAY UP FRONT? A deposit of 50% of your order’s total (before freight) is required in order to begin processing your order.   The remaining 50% is due upon your approval of test pressings and/or art proofs.  Freight is due before shipment.  We accept cash, check, Paypal and credit cards (MC, VISA, Discover, AMEX).

WHAT IS YOUR MINIMUM ORDER? 100 copies. (We can do 50 on black vinyl if insisted upon, but the price is the same as doing 100 copies).

DO YOU STORE MY EXTRA JACKETS/PARTS?  Generally, no, GGR does not store any customer parts.  When you place your order, you can select either “ship all of my extra parts back with my order” or “discard my leftover parts”.  Please note that sometimes, you may wind up with a few hundred extra jackets or other printed parts than your order quantity (this has to due with how certain print items are gang run).  If you have a specific need for us to store something for you for a limited period of time, please contact us before your order is ready to ship – we can make some limited special arrangements for you.  However, please note that without exception, customer parts left on GGR premesis for over 9 months will be dicsarded without prior notice.  We are sorry, but we do not have a way to contact each customer prior to disposal of their parts — please be sure to set a reminder to contact us within 9 months of your order shipping, if you do not want your parts discarded.

WHAT OTHER PRODUCTS DO YOU SELL? Gotta Groove Records is a “one stop shop”.  You can get your custom printed jackets & sleeves produced and assembled by us when you get your records pressed.  We also handle record labels, insert printing, digital download code hosting and insert printing, poster & flat printing, custom packaging solutions, and pretty much anything that goes along with vinyl records!


HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER?  You can obtain order forms, pricing, templates, and upload audio and art files via the links to the left of this page.  You can order online here.

CAN I TALK TO A REAL PERSON REGARDING MY ORDER? YES!  Please feel free to call or email us at (800) 295-0171 or [email protected] if you have any questions about ordering, technical questions, or just to converse in general.  (We ultimately will need you to submit our online order form, but we are happy to assist you with any information you need in the order process).


The short answer is no, there isn’t an automated way to check your order online.  But, you are always welcome to contact us via phone or email, and we are always happy to provide you with an update.

The main reason we have yet to find a practical way to provide online order status checking is due to our level of quality control.  Frequently, we will run test pressings more than one time before they are shipped to our customer, and an online status system may make it look like test pressings are shipping, and then we fail them in quality control and need to run them again.  Similarly, when we press final production orders, we may need to set up a record over the course of several days; and/or we may encounter issues with stampers during a run and need to pull the job completely to make new stampers.  During packing, a final inspection is being conducted, and any issues which need resolved can also add time to the shipping time frame.

Since the information on any given order can change multiple times in a single day or week, the last thing we would want is to confuse customers with ah online order status system that can make it appear as if orders are shipping within a given time frame, and then for one reason or another, they do not ship.  Just like records are really an old-school ‘technology’, we feel that communication regarding production is best handled “old school” via phone or email.  Call us any time at (800) 295-0171 or email us at [email protected] to check on your order’s status.

You will also receive three (3) automated checklist emails during the course of your order’s timeframe, to make sure you are not forgetting to send us anything we need.

ARE YOU HIRING?  Click here. 

Have other questions? Just send an email and we’ll be happy to answer your question. 


U.S. Copyright Office Circular on Compulsory Licenses

Harry Fox Agency – For obtaining mechanical licenses for compositions written by others (i.e. “Cover Songs”)

Easy Song Licensing – For obtaining mechanical licenses for compositions written by others (i.e. “Cover Songs”)

Affordable Song Licensing – For obtaining mechanical licenses for compositions written by others (i.e. “Cover Songs”)

ASCAP – For contacting and obtaining information on copyright owners of compositions.

BMI – For contacting and obtaining information on copyright owners of compositions.

SESAC – For contacting and obtaining information on copyright owners of compositions.

Note:  A mechanical license is NOT a master use license.  We cannot press records with uncleared samples, unlicensed cover songs, or unlicensed master recordings.  So, we strongly urge you to take care of these matters prior to placing your order with use.  Should a legal issue be discovered after work as already begun on your order, you will be responsible for any costs incurred even if you are unable to move forward with finished product.  

Without getting to deep into copyright law, very basically speaking, every “song” is comprised of two copyrights – the copyright in the actual written composition of the song (the words and melody), and the copyright of the master recorded version of the composition.  Particularly with regard to records where there are “cover songs”, samples, or use of previously released master recordings, we require documentation that both of these copyrights have been granted or licensed with specific regard to the vinyl project you are working on.  If your package includes download codes, separate rights are required for those from the physical vinyl release.  

If you have any questions about these matters, please feel free to contact us prior to placing your order, or discuss with a qualified attorney.  We refer folks to the attorney Leon Bass, Esq. for this type of work – you can contact him at (614) 431-2277.

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