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Mastering Services:

For vinyl audio remastering services, please visit our friends at Cauliflower Audio, Airshow Mastering, Don Farwell at Earwig Studio, Eric Conn at Independent MasteringChicago Mastering, James Plotkin Mastering, Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, Alan Jones at Laminal Audio, Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording, Airshow Mastering, Resonant Mastering, Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering, Michael Graves at Osiris Studio, Bob Katz, Terra Nova Mastering, Stephen Marsh Mastering, Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, and Electric Western.

Graphic Design:

At GGR, we have a pre-press dept.  However, we do not offer graphic design services.  Here are some contacts you can reach out to for graphic design services:  Cindy at QCA; Patrick Roques at (415) 259-7765; Doug Granger at; Matthew Traxler, Jonathan Kimbrell Fine Art at

CD, DVD, and USB Drive Manufacturing:

QCA, Inc.

Contact: Chad Fondren
[email protected]
Direct # 866-253-7754

Cassette Tape Manufacturing:

AtoZ Audio

Book Printing / Merch:

BookBaby – – Book printing and eBook publishing

Merchly – – Custom-printed T-shirts, hats, and other garments


Web Development:

Tyler Kremberg: [email protected]

* Disclaimer – Gotta Groove Records, Inc. is not affiliated nor does it share common ownership with these businesses, and therefore does not warrant the merchantability and/or fitness for use of the products these companies offer; nor the services they provide.  We just feel these are great folks who do a good job at making the products they offer, and gladly refer our customers to them.

Easy, Fun, High Quality Record Pressing

-Professional mastering and cutting
-High quality plating & pressing
-Unsurpassed vinyl quality control
-Custom printed packaging
-Download audio/video hosting
-Distribution/fulfillment consulting
-Responsive customer service

We want to press your next record.

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(800) 295-0171
[email protected]

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