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What are test cuts?

Test cuts are not test pressings.  Actually, they are a few steps before test pressings, and are never suggested to be a replacement for physical test pressings.  Test cuts (available on 12″ orders only) consist of portions of your submitted masters being cut into an actual lacquer, and then played on a turntable and recorded into wav files for easy transfer via email.   When possible, the cuts are made on the exact same part of the lacquer as where the grooves will ultimately land on a pressed record.  Since these are actual grooves cut into a lacquer and then played on a turntable, it is about as close to a “pre-test pressing vinyl preview” you can get, outside of full reference lacquers.  The fee we charge helps cover a portion of the costs of materials (lacquers, in particular).  Once nice thing about test cuts is, since they are recorded on a well-calibrated turntable, it does remove the variables associated with finding the “right” turntable to use when listening to a cut lacquer.

An even better option (albeit more expensive) is to have each side cut into a “dub plate” or reference lacquer/acetate to reference the entire master cut prior to even cutting the master lacquer.  With this option, you receive a physical disc (a lacquer) to listen to on your own turntable.  We do strongly recommend that your turntable is properly calibrated before playing the lacquer – lacquers are extremely prone to wear, and could be ruined on the first playback if listening on either a subpar turntable setup, or one that is not properly calibrated.  Please contact us for pricing on this option.

We recommend one of these two options for every order.  There is no other way to make sure your masters are going to translate to vinyl how you want them to — it is very expensive to make changes to mastering by the time test pressings are created.

In either the case of test cuts or reference lacquers, they are not intended to be a replacement for physical test pressings, which are included by default on every order (except for re-pressing orders, a waiver must be signed for orders specifically requesting no test pressings).  Put very simply: test cuts (or reference lacquers/dub plates) are for checking how masters are translating to vinyl.  Test pressings are checking for manufacturing issues such as track order, side placement, skips, loud pops, etc.

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