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We proudly offer what we consider to be the highest quality Tip-On record jackets in the record industry.  (For folks unfamiliar with the term “Tip-On jackets”, these are jackets where the print is done on a separate sheet of text-stock paper, and then wrapped/glued to a thick corrugated core.  Conversely – most modern record jackets are called “direct-to-board” print, where the printing is done directly onto the cardstock itself).  Many record consumers view Tip-On jackets as a luxury, or very upgraded packaging option compared to direct-to-board print.

GGR has been selling Tip-On jackets since late 2013.  From the very early days, we designed our jackets from scratch, changing the traditional sizing very slightly in order to allow easier insertion/removal of records from the jackets, compared to many contemporaneously available similar jackets.  In the interest of constant improvement, in late 2017, we scoured the world (literally) to find the absolute best quality of corrugated material to use for the “cores” of our Tip-On Gatefold jackets.  After much R&D, we ultimately decided upon a Japanese style hybrid chipboard core with inner liner.  Starting in January 2018, all of our Tip-On Gatefold jackets use this new material for a core, and we continue to use dual lamination (vs more common liquid based coatings) for the printed sides of the jacket.  This is the ultimate jacket for record archiving, and provides the ultimate protection against warping.

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