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In 2017-2018, NiPro Optics / NiPro Records and Gotta Groove Records worked to develop one of the first “new technologies” in record stampers in several decades — the GrooveCoated ™ stamper.

GrooveCoated stampers have a specialized lubricious coating applied after nickel formation that reduces surface tension while increasing surface hardness.  Depending upon the cut, this combination can dramatically increase the lifespan of the stamper, and reduce high frequency loss as pressing cycles continue over the course of manufacturing. With traditional record plating technology, over the course of the cycles of a pressing, the high frequencies tend to diminish first as the cycles go on.  While this is always going to be a natural phenomenon in the course of pressing vinyl records, GrooveCoated stampers dramatically strengthen the grooves on the face of the stamper, and allows better material flow. This helps stampers stand up much stronger to the repeated stresses of each pressing cycle.

The truly amazing thing about this new record plating technology is that it does not cause the core nickel substrate of the stampers to become brittle (brittleness is an issue with traditional stampers, because they can break before finishing a run of records).

There are several releases in the marketplace at this point which have benefited from GrooveCoat stampers including Paste Magazine’s Paste Quarterly Volume 1 vinyl sampler, Son Volt’s Notes Of Blue LP (first pressing only), and Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit’s The Nashville Sound LP (first pressing only).

Please contact us at (800) 295-0171 or [email protected] to learn more about GrooveCoated stampers, and to add them to your pressing order.

“GrooveCoat Stampers” and “GrooveCoated” stampers are trademarks of Nipro Optics and Gotta Groove Records, Inc.

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