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Vinyl Pressing: Sandro Galileo & Eraserhood Sound

SANDRO GALILEO & ERASERHOOD SOUND - Ribelle Di Mare [RELEASE DATE: 8/2 –  Colemine Records

In the fateful year of 2020, Vincent John and Maxwell Perla of Eraserhood Sound were fortunate enough to stumble upon the score to the long lost, never completed 1974 Italian film Riblle Di Mare. It was not long before they realized they had discovered an opus, written by legendary film composer Sandro Galileo in what was to be his final soundtrack. Only it never came to pass. The film was abandoned before it could be completed, and the ashes of Galileo’s final work were swept aside and forgotten. Until today. Eraserhood Sound is proud to present Ribelle Di Mare in all its glory, produced and performed by house band Fantasy 15 in their signature “Synth & Soul” sound. Enjoy the nine stunning tracks that follow, which range in style from dramatic Philly Soul balladry, Spaghetti Western r&b, and Italian library funk.

Available 08.27.2021 from Colemine Records and beyond!

Vinyl Pressing: Four80East – Mixed Up

On Mixed Up, Four80East took a selection of classic tracks from our cellar, distilled them to their essence, then infused them with House flavors to create a contemporary mix that’s bold yet smooth. Grab it while this limited edition 180 gram vinyl pressing is still available!

Vinyl Pressing: Voivod

Voivod The Outer Limits LP

Until Real Gone Music reissued it in early 2021, The Outer Limits had only come out briefly on vinyl in Europe. This album offers the unique blend of atonal riffs, off-time tempo changes, and sci-fi imagery that made this Quebec band such a shining star in the Canadian metal scene. The Outer Limits features a great cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Nile Song’ (Voïvod had covered ‘Astronomy Domine’ on their 1989 album Nothingface), but without question the album’s centerpiece is the winding 17-minute song ‘Jack Luminous,’ which is something of a prog-rock masterpiece. This reissue comes with a jacket and inner sleeve boasting lyrics and drummer Michel Langevin’s illustrations.

Vinyl Pressing: Eddie Suzuki

Enterprising composer and musician Eddie Suzuki made his own path throughout his lifetime. Born on October 4, 1929, Suzuki worked as a young shoeshiner in 1940s Honolulu, saving enough money to take piano lessons. In high school, he lead a big band orchestra of 16, and sometimes up to 40 members. By the age of 18, he owned a piano shop that pivoted to become Honolulu’s top guitar store.

For Eddie Suzuki, music always came first. In 1973, after performing and composing songs for many years, Eddie Suzuki and his group, New Hawaii, recorded the now impossibly rare album, High Tide.

The LP is “not a rock-out”, local music journalist Wayne Harada ruminated in a 1973 review. “Rather, it’s one man’s vision — and version — of the now Hawaii.” A seasoned mix of psych, Hawaiian, and pop sensibilities, the music on High Tide gave the listener a look into Eddie’s singular vision celebrating the sights and sounds (and spirit) of Hawaii.

AGS-036 from Aloha Got Soul highlights two top tunes from the album. “City of Refuge”, an island psych rock rarity that burns blissfully like the Hawaiian sun. “Fly To Waikiki”, a playful, romanced tune about Hawaii’s most famous destination.

Eddie Suzuki’s New Hawaii:
Laurence Harada, guitar
John Schulmeister, bass
Gary Fittro, drums
Nani Kuaiwa, vocals
Eddie Suzuki, vocals, Hammond organ, Arp synthesizer.

Available from Aloha Got Soul.

Vinyl Pressing: Cochemea

PRE-ORDER: Cochemea - Vol. II Baca Sewa

New Vinyl pressing! The Dap-Kings’ electro-sax space warrior returns with a groove-heavy sequel to All My RelationsVol. II: Baca Sewa, an expressive, transcendental voyage through the archives of his indigenous roots and beyond. Drawing on ancestral memories and family histories to wrap new flesh around the bones of history, this album is a bold, semi-autobiographical work that leads us deeper into the annals of family histories, mythology and the cultural imaginary.

“Baca Sewa” is Cochemea’s original family name prior to Spanish colonization. The melody was composed by Anthony Gastelum and features vocals and drumming by the Baca Sewa Singers- a group composed of several generations of family members. The album runs thick with sonic tributes and remembrances. “Chito’s Song” is a contemplative, ethereal tribute to a beloved uncle. “Curandera” conjures the memory of the irrepressible healing power of medicine women. “Black Pearl” recalls his great grandfather, heir to a legacy of indigenous peoples enslaved as pearl divers in the Sea of Cortez.

Leading a 7-piece ensemble composed of New York’s top percussionists and members of Daptone’s rhythm section, Cochemea has created his own world of emotional textures and rhythmic possibilities, a musical and spiritual synthesis made possible through his deep reverence of the horn and the music and traditions preceding him. Vol II: Baca Sewa – is an offering and continuation of Cochemea’s explorations, part of a musical process of cultural reclamation and healing through connection, relations, memory and imagination.

Pre-order from Daptone today! Vinyl pressing by Gotta Groove Records.

Vinyl Pressing: Alexandra Riorden

crop vinyl back cover.jpg

New independent artist vinyl pressing! Alexandra Riorden’s debut LP Angel City Radio is an abstract chronicle of the tumultuous healing process one endures after experiencing trauma, wrapped in a smoke-scented velvet curtain of shimmering indie-rock. Progressing like a Lynchian dream sequence, each song on the record takes the listener down a different hallway in the labyrinth that is recovery; some dark & menacing, others somber & reflective, but all moving towards empowerment and self-reliance. “The process of healing is not linear, it’s cyclical,” says Riorden. “You experience a trauma and then a lot of different things come up and you hopefully make progress, but it’s not just like it’s over and you’re done. Things come up again and again, but every time they do you’re getting stronger and making strides towards healing.”

After tracking the record with co-producer Max Collier Goldenstein, Riorden worked with mixing engineer Jason Quever (Beach House, Mikael Cronin, Cass McCombs) and mastering engineer Timothy Stollenwerk (Kevin Morby, Haley Heynderickx, Grouper) to smooth the edges and shape Angel City Radio into an ethereal psych-pop masterpiece.

While healing inherently stems from a place of darkness, Riorden navigates the process with an air of hopefulness throughout Angel City Radio, never lingering in the dark too long and always moving towards something more empowering. The album is less despairing and more a journey of self-love, reassurance, and finding trust in the world.

Vinyl Pressing: Cory Grinder and the Playboy Scouts

Vinyl pressing 12″ on random color vinyl!

Kvasir – 4

Vinyl pressing alert! All the news on the mighty Kvasir from Portland! New song release, new art & record release show info! The full album “4” will be released June 28 and LPs will be ready to ship right away… or better yet go watch these guys rock out and grab an album while you’re there! Live music!!!

Taphari — Blind Obedience

Slime green color vinyl pressing! On Blind Obedience we find Taphari on a journey of self-actualization, transcending suffering through the power of self-love and authentic musical expression. This hard-hitting, confident debut centers the skilled rapper’s syllable hopscotch over mutating beats. Staying in a lane he’s forged for himself, the rap alien’s rage is explosive out the gate. On lead single “Table 42” featuring seasoned rapper Pink Siifu, Taphari sings of lost love and the end of the world over drum ‘n bass beats. “Back Soon” featuring label mate Benét is a generous breath from this kinetic collection of bangers. 

Preorder from Bayonet Records now!

Becca Stevens — Wonderbloom


180 gram vinyl pressing! Since making her debut with the 2008 album Tea Bye Sea, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Becca Stevens has tested the limits of musical identity, mining everything from jazz to Irish folk to indie-rock in her striving for complete and authentic expression. In her latest musical endeavor—WONDERBLOOM —the North Carolina-bred, Brooklyn-based artist again defies all expectation, this time dreaming up a groove-heavy, dance-ready sound infused with elements of pop and funk and R&B. But despite its brighter textures and uptempo rhythms, WONDERBLOOM finds Stevens achieving a profound complexity in her lyrics, ultimately redefining what’s possible in creating music that elevates and edifies. 

Centered on the captivating vocal presence she’s showcased as a member of David Crosby’s Lighthouse Band, WONDERBLOOM telegraphs an unabashed joy that Stevens partly attributes to the project’s production. In a bold new turn for her musical career, Stevens co-produced and co-engineered WONDERBLOOM alongside Nic Hard (Snarky Puppy, Ghost-Note, The Church), overseeing every aspect of the recording and claiming a sense of agency that had long eluded her in the studio.  “Nic and I truly worked as equals, trusting each other to get the job done, and it was an incredibly empowering experience for me,” she says. 

Available soon from GroundUP Music.

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