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Employee Picks 2013

End-Of-Year lists are pretty popular this time of year, and some of our employees wanted to join in on some of the fun with their own lists of records we pressed in 2013.  Not all employees participated, and it would be nearly impossible to list all of the amazing records we pressed in 2013 without starting a new website devoted strictly to the subject.  But, here are some snapshots of favored records around the GGR house.  Be sure to check them out!


Employee Name: Vince Slusarz


(Note from Vince: “I preface my list with the reality that I only am able to listen to a relatively low percentage of everything we press, so there are undoubtedly many records that would be on it if I had the time for repeated listening”)

No specific order:

Cheese Borger and The Cleveland Steamers (Smog Veil)

Andrew Jr. Boy Jones “Ready To Play (Grounds For Thought)

BA Johnston “Mission Accomplished” (Mammoth Cave)

Sadies “Internal Sounds” (Yep Roc)

Over The Rhine  “Meet Me At The Edge of the World”  (Great Speckled Dog)

Death of Samantha “If Memory Serves Us Well”  (St. Valentine)

Autumn Defense “Fifth”  (Yep Roc)

Peak Twins (Bedroom Suck Records)

Natural Child “Live in Birmingham”  (Shed House Records)

Bobby Rush “Greatest Hits” (Vintage Vinyl)

Charles Walker and the Dynamites “Love Is Only Everything” (Waterfront)

Low Cut Connie “Boozeophilia/Brand New Cadillac 7”  (Grimtale)

Wesley Bright and the Hi Lights “Tell Me/Do What You Wanna Do” 7″ (

Kim Deal- “ARE YOU MINE? / WISH I WAS”  7″  (Kim Deal Music)

Sacred Mushroom – S/T (Shake-It Records)

15.60.75 (aka Numbers Band) – Jimmy Bell’s Still In Town (Exit Stencil)



Employee Name:  Heather Gmucs


(No specific order)

Mr. Gnome (all represses we did) (El Marko Records)

Hanni El Khatib (Innovative Leisure)

The Evens (Dischord)

Kim Deal (the 7″ set) (Kim Deal Music)

Bonnie Montgomery (Fast Weapons)

Zola Jesus (Sacred Bones)

Natural Child  (Shed House Records)

Susan Atkins Diet (

Destruction Unit  (Sacred Bones)

Bongripper (

Chicago Greatest Hits (Rhino)

Grooms  (Western Vinyl)

Acid Mothers Temple (Importand Records)



Employee Name:  Denell Lewalk


(No specific order)

Self Destruct Button – How To Tell The Birds From The Flowers (

Nick Wiz – Cellar Selections Volume 2

Nick Wiz – Cellar Selections Volume 3

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding  – Any Port In A Storm (Bedroom Suck Records)

Z’s – Grain (Northern Spy Records)

Bitch Prefect – Bird Nerds (Bedroom Suck Records)

Mary Latimore – The Withdrawing Room (Desire Path Recordings)



Employee Name: David Mendoza


(Only one pick) – Traxxman Da Ghetto DJ – Westside Boogie V.1 (Dance Mania Records)



Employee Name:  Ray Scott


Peak Twins (Bedroom Suck Records)

Bitch Prefect “Bird Nerds” (Bedroom Suck Records)

Daniel Menche- “Vilke” (Sige)

Mary Latttimore “The Withdrawing Room” (Desire Path Recordings)

John Davis “Ask The Dust” (Students of Decay)

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding “Any Port in a Storm” (Bedroom Suck Records)

Gary Wilson “You Think You Really Know me” (Feeding Tube Records)

Blackshaw and Melnyk “The Watchers” (Important Records)

Nick Wiz “Cellar Selections Vol.3”

Krooked Treez “Higher Place” (



Employee Name: Chris Smith


(Only one pick) Gary Wilson – You Think You Really Know Me  (Feeding Tube Records)



Employee Name: Tim Thornton

Zola Jesus – Versions (Sacred Bones)

Mary Lattimore – The Withdrawing Room (Desire Path Recordings)

James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk – The Watchers (Important Records)

Classixx – Hanging Gardens (Innovative Leisure)

Ryan Brown – Reserve Our Tips (

Josh Mason – The Symbiont (Sunshine Ltd)

Ram’s Head – Last Of The Lost (Bastion)

Bitch Prefect – Bird Nerds (Bedroom Suck Records)

Total Life – Radiator (Important Records)

Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch – Classic Gas (Tonk)

Daniel Menche – Vilke (Sige)

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Any Port In A Storm (Bedroom Suck Records)

Gary Wilson – You Think You Really Know Me (Feeding Tube Records)

Peak Twins – Peak Twins (Bedroom Suck Records)

Sightings – Precursor (Dais)

Youth Code – Youth Code (Dais)

Doug Hoyer – To Be A River (Old & Ugly)

Secret Pyramid – Movements Of Night (Students of Decay)

M. Geddes Gengras – Collected Works Vol. 1 The Moog Years (Umor Rex)

Van Dyke Parks – Songs Cycled (Bella Union)

Purling Hiss – Paisley Montage (Richie)

Advance Base – The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere (Orindal)

Slutever – 1994 (Jade Tree)

Red Falcon Projects – Simply Ravishing  (Dilated Time)

Knight Howls – Knight Howls (Whitehaus Family)



Employee Name:  Gregory Zurich


Federico Durnand “El Idioman de las Luciernagas”  (


Horn- Naturkraft (Pagan Flames)

Satan Kingbreaker

Sloth/Drekavac (Split) (

Young and in the Way -cloven Hoof (Anthithetic Records)



Employee Name:  Matt Earley


(No specific order)

Snakegrinder – S/T  (Obscure Oxide)

George Brigman – Jungle Rot  (Obscure Oxide)

Purling Hiss – Paisley Montage  (Richie Records)

Suzuki Junzo – Sings II (Nod & Smile)

The Martha’s Vineyard Ferries (Kiam Records)

15.60.75 (aka Numbers Band) – Jimmy Bell’s Still In Town (Exit Stencil)

Gary Wilson – You Think You Really Know Me  (Feeding Tube Records)

Numinous Eye – Clockwork Moon  (Nod & Smile)

GBV – Motivational Jumpsuit  (Rockathon)

Toe reissues (Topshelf Records)

The Rock Run Retreat (

Phil Cohran – On The Beach  (Tizona)

Charlie Hunter – Baboon Strength (Charlie Hunter Music)

Nonagon – The Last Hydronaut EP (Controlled Burn)

Jethro Tull – Benefit remaster (Rhino)

Frank Black – Oddballs (The Bureau Records)

Mark St.John – Ghost Town (Mark St.John)

At The Drive In – Relationship Of Command  (Twenty First Chapter Records)

Dawes – Stories Don’t End (HUB)

Brad – Interiors and Shame reissues  (Razor & Tie)

Fake Limbs – The Power of Patrician Living  (BLVD)

The Black Swans – Occasion For A Song  (Misra Records)

Crazy Joe – The Doctor Is In!  (Crazy Joe)

Los Lobos – Colossal Head (Yep Roc)

Abram Shook – Sun Marquee  (Western Vinyl)




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