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Employee Picks 2012

Just for fun — here are a few of employee favorite records pressed at GGR this year, compiled by some of the Gotta Groovies.  We press a lot of great records throughout the year, so it’s tough to narrow the list down to just a handful – there are a lot of great records not listed here.  But, we hope you will check some of these records out – links to learn more about them (and buy, when available) are listed below.

(Not listed in any particular order)


Employee Name: Gregory Boyd

Steve Moore – Primitive Neural Pathways ( Dangerous Age Records)

Fascist Insect – The Quest for Reality

Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar ( Sundazed )

Wesley Bright & The Hi-Lites 7″  Get It Right/Love (I got it)

Devo – Live in Seattle 1981

Luna – Bewitched ( Gotta Groove Records )

Raglani – Husk ( Arbor Records )

More Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar ( Sundazed )

Keith Freund – Constant Comments ( Expermedia )

Black Past – Pitch Black ( Dangerous Age Records )


Employee Name: Tim Thornton

Peak Twins / Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Split LP (Bedroom Suck)

Psychic TV – Dreams Less Sweet

The Residents – Duck Stab (Reissue, MVD)

Eraserhead – Original Soundtrack (Reissue, Sacred Bones)

Stunt Rock – What’s This Life For EP (Born Dead)

Evil Moisture – Goo (Blossoming Noise)

Giant Claw – Mutant Glamour (Orange Milk)

Raglani – Husk (Arbor)

Marielle V Jakobsons – Glass Canyon (Students Of Decay)

Litanic Mask – Litanic Mask (Fast Weapons)


Employee Name: Mitch Ribis, Jr

Fascist Insect– Quest For Reality

Murderous Vision and Facist Insect-Primordial Beings From Dimensions Unknown

Various Artists- Galling Pandemic Cacophony

Skin Graft– Wet Engines

Government Alpha Altar of Precogs 7″

Dead Kennedys “Fresh Fruit”

Dead Kennedys “Give Me Convenience”

Stompin Ground– We Set the Pace

Gamelan Dharma Swara-Synesthesia

Anything by Sloth


Employee Name: Jim Karpinski

Emerson, Lake and Palmer– Tarkus

Residents– Eskimo

Gary Wilson– Lisa Wants To Talk With You

Guided By Voices– Bears For Lunch


Black Past– Pitch Black

Fascist Insect– Primordial Beings From Dimensions Unknown

Giant Claw – Mutant Glamour

Torture Chain – Across Great Landscapes To A Legacy of Blood

Necronomicon– The Queen of Death


Employee Name: John Elliot

Mad Nanna– I Made Blood Better

Sky Needle– Rave Cave

Call Back The Giants– Incidents of Travel

Mountain Cult

Telestrion– Molecule

Steve Moore– Primitive Neural Pathways

Black Past– Pitch Black

Raglani– Husk

Skin Graft– Wet Engines

Various Artists- Possible Side Effects

“Negative Guest List rules, Skin Graft Rules”


Employee Name: Jeff Mather


Trouble Books– Concentrating Fields

Black Past– Pitch Black


So Cow and Squarehead– Out for Season

Prawn– Ships

A Lull– Meat Mountain

Delicate Steve– Positive Force


Employee Name: Ray Scott

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding– Para Vista Social Club

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding– Peak Twins

The Residents– Duck Stab

Giant Claw– Mutant Glamour

Boomgates– Double Natural

Black Past– Pitch Black

Steve Moore– Primitive Neural Pathways

Bitch Prefect– Big Time

Tracey Trance– Pyper Kub

Gamelan Dharma Swara– Synesthesia

“They Still Make records?”


Employee Name: Sam Goldberg

Mad Nanna– I Made Blood Better

Steve Moore– Primitive Neutral

Black Past– Pitch Black

Fascist Insect– The Quest For Reality

Raglani– Husk

Call Back The Giants– Incidents of Travel

Degreaser– Bottom Feeder

Mountain Cult

Byrter Layter– Two Lenses

Lost Domain– An Unnatural Act

Employee Name: Matt Earley

Aleks & The Ramps – Facts

Prawn – Ships

New War – New War

Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola – Not Getting Behind…

Tim Maia – World Psychedelic Classics V4

Kenneth Higney – Attic Demonstration

GBV– Bears For Lunch

Will Johnson – Scorpion

Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics – It’s About Time

Grateful Dead – Dicks Picks 1 and 2

Vince Slusarz (Owner)

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby– A Working Museum

Chuck Prophet– Temple Beautiful

Shemekia Copeland– 33 1/3

Mayflies USA– Summertown

Jim White– Where It Hits You

Hiss Golden Messenger– Poor Moon

Royal Headache

Kenneth Higney– Attic Demonstration

Janis Martin– The Blanco Sessions

Andre Wiliams and The Sadies– Night and Day


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