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***IMPORTANT PLEASE READ***:  Be sure to zip up your audio files and art files separately.  This applies regardless of which uploading choice below that you use.  If your audio file is larger than 1GB, please split it into two zip files – one for each side of the record.  If your art file is larger than 1GB, you are probably doing something wrong – no art file should be that large.  Give us a shout at (800) 295-0171 to discuss.

Why do we ask you to zip your files?  Well, with particular regard to audio files, it is to prevent incomplete files from transferring.  Incomplete wav files will still play, but if they are missing data, in the absence of md5 checksum files, we will not know that certain components of the audio may be cut off.  This means, it could get all the way to test pressings before a track is discovered to be “cut off”, and it would be at your additional expense to fix.  The simple step of zipping up the files before uploading prevents this issue from occurring.

Please! Read our art guide before submitting your art files, and be sure you have used only GGR art templates.



Gotta Groove Drop — just drag and drop files from your computer.

INSTRUCTIONS: In the “your name” field below, enter your e-mail address and job number so we know who your files belong to.

DO NOT INCLUDE NON-ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTERS IN EITHER THE FOLDER NAME OR YOUR FILE NAMES, OR THEY MAY NOT TRANSMIT! (#’s, :’s in particular are common characters which cause problems in html file transfer spaces).

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FTP Login Information:


Please place all uploads in the “/uploads_in_here” directory.

Login: incoming

Password: vinyl

Note: Old-time customers will note the login has changed, and the is no longer necessary.

*If uploading to the FTP, make sure you contact us and let us know that the files are up.  We do not receive automatic notification via the FTP*


Please contact us at (800) 295-0171 or with any questions.

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