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New Record Pressing — Rumskib

New record pressing – Rumskib – Previously Unreleased.

The Rumskib story as told by Keith and Tine:

Keith: Cocteau Twins, Stereolab, Ivy and Massive Attack were constantly on repeat back in 2000. I had to do something about my passion for these music styles. Just across the street from where I lived there was a local music library. I went there to put up a note.

Tine Louise: The library was my favorite spot. They had a small Pro Tools Studio that you could book for free. I often went there to record my own music for my art projects.

One day a handwritten note, “Looking for a singer. Cocteau Twins”, caught my attention, because my art school girl friend had just intrigued my ears with “Heaven or Las Vegas” from her record collection. I called the number.

Keith: I had a couple of singers over for a talk and a demo audition, which were good, but it was when Tine came by and sang, that I thought WTF here is the singer I have been looking for. She could work on a track and be creative and I would leave the room and stick my head in once in a while to hear how it was going. She sang so beautifully and hit my original idea right on target.

Tine Louise: One day I came to Keith’s basement apartment. A good friend of mine got me so furious … And from this anger the song “Where are the Flowers” grew. I think Keith felt my anger and disappeared. A couple of hours later when he returned this was what I had recorded on the timeline.

In the beginning the set-up was real low-fi. Sometimes the window was open and you could hear footsteps of people walking by and car engines accompanied my voice recordings.

Keith: In those early days I had a 8 track Zip disk recorder, some of the tracks from that machine made it to this album. Later on we used the studio at the music library, which was a notch up. Tine was busy with her art projects and I was studying Literature science. Without me being overly busy … sometimes we didn’t see each other for six months or even a year.

It wasn’t until around 2004 that we really got things going, putting various material up on Danish music sites and meeting up with each other more frequently.

Tine Louise: Often Keith had recorded a bunch of real nice soundscapes of guitars, beats and drums. And I went on board. He was really productive … wow I just felt happiness listening to his crunchy guitar melodies. I took a pile of secret notes from my drawer … and the words formed into melodies climbing Keith’s mountains of guitar sounds.

Sometimes Keith had already recorded his own voice. Sometimes I put my
voice on top. Sometimes I just started up another melody. Sometimes I mixed english and danish lyrics. It was kind of rock’n’roll. No rules!

Keith: We just liked making music. We didn’t think we were even that good I remember. I was shocked by the comments we got on the Danish sites in the beginning of our online adventure. Some people really liked our stuff. We got better and better and got more attention, which suddenly led to Quince Records and then Darla Records for our debut release.

We got a lot of attention on that first record in 2007-2009. We started up a
live band and went on small tours. But then it kind of stopped. I was moving to Copenhagen and was eager to do something on my own and Tine was busy with all her art projects. So, it’s nice to be back again. We hope you will enjoy this trip down memory lane with us.

– Tine Louise and Keith Canisius, Rumskib (2023)

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