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New Record Pressing — 36 – Reality Engine

New record pressing: The third and final LP in 36’s synth trilogy is now available. Reality Engine continues the melodic, melancholy machine sound started with Wave Variations and Symmetry Systems, exploring the blossoming dynamics of artificial intelligence and the ever-changing definition of reality.

Over the course of the five years gracing our roster, the multifaceted essence of 36’s sound reverberates with unmistakable diversity. His sonic repertoire, rich in variation and innovation, has consistently evolved, leaving an indelible mark on Past Inside the Present and 36’s musical journey together.

His latest offering continues his legacy on our imprint and we are honored to issue this incredible long player.

This one goes deep… 36 touches on themes of sound machines that create immersive digital experiences, augmented reality engines that overlay digital content onto the real world, and powerful forces that shapes emotions, perceptions, and connections.

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