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Happy Holidays! GGR year In Review 2023

Back again for 2023, please find a list of some of our employee’s favorite frecords that we worked on this year. There is never enough time to really dig into every project, but this is a snapshot of some great vinyl records you should seek out via your favorite local record store or online store!

Employee Name: Mike Burrows

Fela Kuti – “Gentleman” (Knitting Factory)
Cymande – “Second Time ‘Round” (Knitting Factory)
Black Market Brass – “Hox” (Colemine)
Ghost Funk Orchestra – “Brownout / Boneyard Baille” (Colemine)
V/A _ “If There’s Hell Below” (Numero Group)
Abdul Wadud – “By Myself” (Gotta Groove)
Toots & the Maytals – “Sweet and Dandy” (Real Gone)
The Donnas – “Early Singles 1995-1999” (Real Gone)
The Donnas – “The Donnas” (Real Gone)
The Donnas – “American Teenage Rock ‘n Roll Machine” (Real Gone)
The Donnas – “Turn 21” (Real Gone)
The Donnas – “Get Skintight” (Real Gone)
Wet Specimens – “Over Pale Bodies” (Brain Slash)
Hamza El Din – “Al Oud: Instrumental & Vocal Music of Nubia” (Real Gone)
Carl Stone – “Electronic Music From the Eighties and Nineties” (Unseen Worlds)
Carl Stone – “Electronic Music From 1972-2022” (Unseen Worlds)
Ira Newborn – “The Naked Gun” Soundtrack (1984 Publishing)
Fabio Frizzi – “Zombie: Composer’s Cut” (Cadabra)
Pool-Pah – “The Flasher” (Real Gone)
Rocky Gray _ “The Barn Pt. 2” Soundtrack (Lunaris Records
Carlo Maria Cordio – “Troll 2” Soundtrack (Lunaris Records)
Frankie Stein & His Ghouls – “Shock! Terror! Fear!” (Real Gone)
Frankie Stein & His Ghouls – “Ghoul Music” (Real Gone)

Employee Name: Matt Earley

Abdul Wadud – By Myself
Angel Corpus Christi – Bewitched: A Tribute to Luna
Avett Brothers – The Seventh Avett Guild
Beach Fossils – Clash The Truth
Bela Fleck – Drive
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Start A People
Bonnie Raitt – Dig In Deep
Brennen Leigh – Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin’ Yet
Brothers Vanguard, Electriq – Dominoes
Catfish Keith – Still I Long To Roam
Chayla Hope – Damn, Feelings
Clam City
Cowboy Junkies – Lay It Down
Circus Devils – Squeeze The Needle
Cymande – Second Time Round
Doctor Bionic – Spiritual Conquest
The Du-Rites – Go Funk Me b/w Bucket
Esme Patterson – Notes From Nowhere
Fela Kuti – Gentleman
Fela Kuti – Zombie
GBV – Nowhere To Go But Up
Girth Control – Life’s Too Short For Girth Control
Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks 2 (Columbus, Ohio 10-31-71)
Gypsy Wizard Queen – S/T
Hawk – African Day
H.P. Lovecraft – Halloween In A Suburb
Jalen Ngonda – Come Around And Love Me b/w What is Left To Do
Jason Isbell – Southeastern 10th Anniversary
John Moreland – In The Throes
Johnny Ruiz & The Escapers – Sorry b/w Looking At The Prettiest Girl
Joyful Noise Band – Let Jesus Be Seen
Judee Sill – Heart Food Mothers
Kendra Morris – I Am What I’m Waiting For
LuSID – Guindado
Lutalo – Again
M. Ward – Transfiguration Of Vincent
M. Ward – Duet for Guitars #2
Meat Puppets – Forbidden Places
Medeski Martin & Wood – Friday Afternoon In The Universe
Medeski Martin & Wood – Shack Man
Medeski Martin & Wood – It’s A Jungle In Here
Mike Clark – Kosen Rufu
Mos Generator – Time//Wounds
Peter Frampton – Frampton@50 1972-1975 Studio Albums
Replacements – Nowhere Is My Home b/w Can’t Hardly Wait
Reposado – Tequila Funk
Say She She – Silver
Scott Clark – Dawn & Dusk
Silas Hite – Dawn Dusk
Strapping Fieldhands – Gobs On The Midway
Roge – Eu Gosta Dela
Taylor McCall – Mellow War
Tobin Sprout – Demos & Outtakes Two
Video Age – Away From The Castle

Employee Name: Tyler Goubeaux

Ancient Filth – No More Hiding
reynaldo jenkins and the teardrops – the short way up 7inch
Surgeon – Petunia

Employee Name: Ren Harcar

Collate: Generative Systems
The Donnas: American Teenage Rock n’ Roll Machine
The Donnas: Get Skintight
Fabio Frizzi: Zombie
Fearing: Shadow
Fela Kuti: Gentleman
Say She She: Silver
True Body: Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated

Employee Name: Forrest James

O.R.P.H.A.N.S. – Occult Rituals, Psychedelic Hangups, And No Survivors
Nick Shoulders – Armadillo Tail Presents: Nick Shoulders 2

Employee Name: Dave Polster

Nesey Gallons – When I Was An Ice Skater
Tobin Sprout – Demos and Outtakes Two
Black Market Brass – Hox
Toots and the Maytals – Sweet and Dandy
Kendra Morris – I Am What I’m Waiting For
Black Sun Ensemble – Black Sun Ensemble Vol. 2
Soul Low – Uneasy
Minor Prophet Joel – The Tucker Family Groove
Photon Band – Pure Photonic Matter Vol. 2
V/A – The Ooze Compilation Vol. 1
David Childers and The Serpents – Melancholy Angel
Meat Puppets – Forbidden Places
Jonah Tolchin – Dockside
Willi Carlisle – Critterland
Hopkins-Bradley – Tatooed Tree
V/A – Black Jazz Records – The Complete Singles
Extortionist- The Black Sheep
Tom Mroczka & The Music Box – Paczki Polka 7”

Employee Name: Vince Slusarz (Sr)

Live in Anvers- Alex Chilton (Bar None)
As All Get Out- Matthew Logan Vasquez (9 Mile)
Ain’t Through Honky-Tonkin’-Brennan Leigh (Signature Sounds)
Demos and Outtakes 2- Tobin Sprout
Welcome to Struggleville- Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes of Love
Sweet and Dandy- Toots and the Maytals (Real Gone)
I Am What I’m Waiting For- Kendra Morris (Colemine)
A Mercyland Christmas- Phil Madeira and Friends (Mercyland)
Southeastern Deluxe set- Jason Isbell (30 Tigers)
Nowhere To Go But Up- Guided By Voices (Rockathon)
Dig It Up- Bonnie Raitt (WEA/ADA)
S/T- Botttlerockets (Real Gone)
Dockside- Jonah Tolchin (Clover Music)
Blue Diamonds- Marcus Machado (Soul Step)
Not Cool- Tim Easton (Black Mesa)
Damn Feelings- Chayla Hope (Jestertainment)
By Myself- Abdul Wadud (Gotta Groove Records)
Where Did My World Come From?-Glass Harp (Peppermint)
Melancholy Angel-David Childers and the Serpents (Ramseur)
Twenty On High- Drayton Farley (30 Tigers)
S/T- Judee Sill (Intervention)
Pieces- Dojo Cuts (Colemine)
Quiet Flame- Caitlin Canty
1988- Lori McKenna (30 Tigers)
Get Behind the Wheel- Eileen Jewell (Signature Sounds)
Domino- Ronnie and the Savoys 7” (Wicked Cool)
Tears Fall/What Can I Say?- Lee Fields 7” (Daptone)
The Seventh Avett Guild 7”- Avett Brothers (Ramseur)
Help Me To Understand/Look Up- Aaron Frazier and The Harlem Gospel Travelers 7” (Colemine)

Employee Name: Giovanna Taylor

Corinne Bailey Rae – Black Rainbows
Chris Acker – Good Kid
Thee Scared Souls – Can I Call You Rose b/w Weak For Your Love
Pale Jay – Bewilderment
Toots and the Maytals – Sweet and Dandy
Lutalo – Again
Marty Robbins – Gunfighter
Charlie Megira And Hefker Girl- S/T
Brennen Leigh – Ain’t Through Honky Tonkin’ Yet
Royal Headache – S/T
The Glass Harp – Where Did My World Come From?
Isabelle Antena – En Cavale
Witch – Zango
Fela Kuti – Gentleman
The South Side Movement- S/T
Tomorrow’s Wish – On My Mind
Replacements – Nowhere Is My Home/ Can’t Hardly Wait
Chayla Hope – Damn, Feelings
Doctor Bionic – Sacrifice
Say She She – Silver

Employee Name: Tim Thornton

Black Jazz Records – The Complete Singles
The Donnas – Reissues
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Surround
Larry Wish – The Mind Is The Builder
Loris S. Sarid – Music For Tomato Plants
Meat Puppets – Forbidden Places
Tolerance – Anonym / Divin
Toots And The Maytals – Sweet And Dandy

Employee Name: Jon Vesey

  1. Blind Girls – “The Weight of Everything”
  2. Black Market Brass – “Hox”
  3. Various – “If There’s Hell Below…”
  4. Say Hi – “Elocution Prattle”
  5. LCD Soundsystem – “This Is Happening”
  6. Voivod – “Nothingface” and “Angel Rat”
  7. Cloud Catcher – “Return from the Cauldron”
  8. Hekseblad – “The Fall of Cintra”
  9. Ancient Days – “Sign of the Times”
  10. Black Moth Super Rainbow – “Start a People”
  11. Woodrot – “Ethics: A Relic”
  12. Witch – “Zango”
  13. Sarushibai – “Proud to Be Social Outcasts”
  14. The Love & Terror Cult – “We Are You on Fire”
  15. Peter Frampton – “Frampton @50”
  16. Therion – “Siren of the Woods”
  17. Voidtripper – “Dopefiend”
  18. Fela Kuti – “Gentleman”
  19. Satan’s Satyrs – “Quick Quiet Raid”
  20. Mos Generator – “Heavy Sevens & Spaced Oddities”
  21. Trampled by Turtles – “Life Is Good on the Open Road”
  22. Psycho-Frame – “Remote God Seeker”
  23. Tobacco – “Skids and Angels”
  24. Kuebiko / Military Shadow – Split
  25. Earth Surface People – “nihookááʼ diyin dineʼé”
  26. Outlaw – “Discography”
  27. Sun Children Sun – “Bizarre Feverre”
  28. Charles Baudelaire – “Flowers of Evil”
  29. Ira Newborn – “The Naked Gun (Soundtrack)”

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