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Vinyl Pressing — Tobacco – Skids and Angels

New vinyl pressing! Transmitted directly from the scuzzed Appalachian wastes outside Pittsburgh, TOBACCO is back with a new rotten IDM fantasy. Skids and Angels is a beige shower of deranged data beamed straight into your boombox. The palettes are familiar – syruppy synths, fuzzy drum samples, garbled tape hiss – all shattered and fractalized on the tile floor. Cobbling together disjointed breakneck braindance notions with signature Allegheny analog waves, Skids and Angels is a certified headphone freakout. This collection of (mostly) instrumentals shoves the classic TOBACCO production methodologies to their twisted, chopped, and warped limits. Far from the more pop-oriented spaces TOBACCO has gone, Skids and Angels spelunks deep and dank downtempo into the beatmaker cave system and opens up its own high fructose boutique. 

A collaged smear of sneering melodies, kaleidoscopic drum and bass fragments, enchanting murmurs, and ratched hi hats, all coated in a charred sugarcrust gloss. Fans of classic electronic backpack pioneers like Boards of Canada and Cheetah-era Aphex will recognize the jargon and vocabulary, but TOBACCO injects this collection of beats and ambient drifts with his signature sibilance and slime. Pushing the envelope directly onto your tongue, Skids and Angels is a flash of glitched out wizardry; spun out and strange, arpeggiated and ready to be dunked directly in your deck.

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