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Vinyl Pressing: Frank Yankovic & Friends

In 1986, it seemed only fitting that Frank Yankovic won the first ever polka Grammy Award on Cleveland International Records(produced by Joey Miskulin and the mysterious Dragutin Razum)for it was he who had for so long bridged the ethnic gap between polka and the popular music forms which the Grammys represent.

It is Frank Yankovic who perfectly blends the ethnic roots of polka music with popular influences, presenting a package that all of America can enjoy. Songs Of the Polka King collects songs and artists fitting for the King. Weird Al Yankovic duets with Frank on Who Stole the Kishka while Drew Carey duets with Frank on the Too Fat Polka and Joey Miskulin, Yankovic’s protégé, does the moving, award-winning “For Old Time’s Sake Waltz”. Even now, as polka in America has evolved into many different regional, ethnic, and generational variants, it is Yankovic who remains the undisputed champion. And he did it all still with the same warm, regal smile which benefits the people’s king that he is and forever will be. This is an album all ages will enjoy singing and dancing to.

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