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Chagall Guevara — The Last Amen

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A live album (recorded 11/15/91 in Nashville) and a studio album of new and unreleased tracks from the best band you never heard.

On November 15th of 1991, at the height of the band’s musical powers, Chagall Guevara‘s live show was recorded to 24 tracks of analog splendor in front of a very rowdy hometown crowd at Nashville’s legendary 328 Performance Hall. With the band’s full cooperation, it has now been lovingly mixed by Russ Long, who began his illustrious career as a recording engineer and producer by mixing Chagall Guevara’s live shows. That live album, now entitled The Last Amen, is finally ready to be heard. 

Is that it? No, actually… 

Despite the band’s break-up three decades prior, everybody has stayed friends. And a certain pandemic has provided time for some vault-digging, which uncovered a total of four tracks that were being prepped for the band’s follow-up album and have never been heard outside the inner sanctum. And then there are those rare tracks like “Number By Heart,” “Treasure of the Broken Land,” and the original demo recording of “Tale O’ The Twister” that could make this three-decades-in-the-making project even more support-worthy.

But wait — there’s more?

What if the band reunited with acclaimed producer Matt Wallace, who helmed their debut, for a couple of brand new tracks that prove the band never lost its mojo? And what if the packaging was created by Grammy nominee Tim Stedman (who was art director for Chagall Guevara’s debut) using images from photographer Ben Pearson (who documented the band’s brief and brilliant career)? And what if all those new and unreleased and rare tracks were combined into a full-length album entitled Halcyon Days? Would all this sonic bounty compensate for the awkward timing of a Kickstarter campaign that drops in the midst of a worldwide crisis?

You tell us.

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