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Happy Record Store Day!

While we would like to say that every day is Record Store Day around these parts, we’d still like to throw a shout-out to all of the participating stores and consumers on this annual April event!

Here’s just a few of the titles proudly pressed here at GGR for RSD – try to grab a copy from your local indie retailer before they are gone!

Amanda Palmer Polly

David Lynch Foundation Music That Changes The World

Devo Seattle 1981

Jonathan Wilson Pity Trials 12″

Jukebox The Ghost Covers

Love Collector EP

Luna Romantica

Luna Rendezvous

Lushlife Plateau Vision

Now Now / The Lonely Forest Split 7″

Paul Weller That Dangerous Age

Take One Car It’s Going To Be A Nice Day

The Forecast Everybody Left

The Saddest Landscape Cover Your Heart

Winter Boys S/T 7″

Wussy Funeral Dress



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