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Record Highlight — John Kotchian & Kevin Pike

Shipped this week for Bocca Lupo Recordspulse/flow by jazz improv duo John Kotchian & Kevin Pike unfolds as an inspired, and at times impromptu, musical conversation between the artists.  The albums third track, “Birth of a Movement” serves as the perfect metaphor for the course charted by the album. A slow triumph of a song, the melodic interplay of Kotchian’s drums coax forth a gentle, at first bashful, saxophone. As the two instruments become more acquainted, a “birth” is made manifest in the rush of life and energy pounded forth in the pulse of drums and reed.  pulse/flow comes numbered in hand silkscreened jackets, featuring original art by New York painter and illustrator Lui Shtini.

Be sure to hit up the Bocca Lupo Records Showcase on December 20 at The Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha to see this duo, as well as two other Bocca Lupo artists.



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