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Every Vinyl Record Press in the United States

To date, this is a comprehensive list of actual record manufacturing plants located in the United States:

  • Gotta Groove Records
  • Archer Record Pressing
  • Blue Sprocket Pressing
  • Brooklynphono
  • Burlington Record Plant
  • Capsule Labs
  • Cascade Record Pressing
  • Erika Records
  • Furnace Record Pressing 
  • Gold Rush Vinyl
  • Hand Drawn Records
  • Hitbound
  • Independent Record Pressing
  • Kindercore Vinyl
  • Memphis Record Pressing
  • Musicol Recording
  • New Orleans Record Press
  • Quality Record Pressings
  • Rainbo Records
  • Record Technology
  • Palomino Record Pressing
  • Smashed Plastic
  • Softwax
  • Stereodisk
  • Sunpress Vinyl
  • Third Man Records
  • United Record Pressing
  • VRP

Reliable Custom Record Pressing

-Professional mastering and cutting
-High quality plating & pressing
-Unsurpassed quality control
-Custom printed packaging
-Download audio/video hosting
-Distribution/fulfillment consulting
-Responsive customer service

We want to press your next record.

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