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2022 Gotta Groove Year In Review!

Happy Holidays!

Wow…what a year!  As always, it is a blur to think back about all of the amazing records we have pressed in the past year.  Thanks to all of our customers, vendors, and colleagues for working with us in 2022!

Here is a list of some of our favorite projects in 2022 (not in any specific order) – please be sure to check out as many of these as you can.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Gotta Groove!


Mike Burrows
Fela Kuti – Zombie (Knitting Factory Records)
Fela Kuti – Upside Down (Knitting Factory Records)
Fela Kuti – ITT (Knitting Factory Records)
Fabio Frizzi with Riccardo Rocchi – Dark Chamber (Cadabra Records)
Al Festa – Zombie 4: After Death (Empire of Tombs)
Jeff Carney – Live Electronic Music (Lion Productions)
Truth and Janey – No Rest for the Wicked (Lion Productions)
Midnight Xpander – Marcia Bassett (Yew Recordings)
Horace Tapscott – Tapscott & Winds (Nimbus West Records)
Max Roach – Members, Don’t Git Weary (Real Gone Records)
East Coast – East Coast (Real Gone Records)
Marty Robbins – The Gunfighter & Other Ballads (Real Gone Records)
Chuck Armstrong – Shackin’ Up (Real Gone Records)
George Scott – Find Someone to Love (Real Gone Records)
Don Julian & the Larks – Super Slick (Real Gone Records)
Brian Bennett – Voyage: A Journey Into Discoid Funk (Real Gone Records)
Kalapana – Kalapana (Aloha Got Soul)
Charlie Megira and the Hefker Girl (Secretly Group)
Matt Earley
Calvin Keys – Blue Keys
Catfish Keith – Land of the Sky
Chris Lujan & Electric Butter feat. Andre Cruz – The Real Thing
Club D’Elf – You Never Know
Darren Jessee – Central Bridge
Dillard & Clark – The Fantastic Expedition
Doctor Bionic – The Invisible Hand
Don Julian & The Larks – Super Slick
Drayton Farley – A Hard Up Life
The Du-Rites – Plug It In
Evolfo – The Changer
Fela Kuti – International Thief Thief
Fela Kuti – Upside Down
Florida Street – Anthology Vol. 1
Formula 400 – Heathens
Fountains of Wayne – Out of State Plates
Fountains of Wayne – Traffic and Weather
Ghost Orchard – Rainbow Music
Glory Or Death Records – Friends & Family Vol. 2
Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks Vol. 33
Hanzolo – S/T
John Alair – Cleans House
Dickie Landry – Solos
Dave Liebman – Trust and Honesty
Jesus Lizard – Shot
Little Feat – Oh! Atlanta
The Lost Souls – S/T
Lu$id – Just A Taste
Marcus Machado – Aquarius Purple
Melvin Van Peebles – Watermelon Man
Midnight Syndicate – Legendary Truth
My Dad Is Dead – Peace, Love & Murder
Night Owls – Versions
The Rabbits – S/T
The Vindys – Bugs
Say She She – Prism
Snake Toys – Champions of the Dark
Stone Witch – Order of the Goat
Tropa Magica – Exitos
Tony Williams – Play Or Die
Wasafiri – Klearlight
Michael Fanos (Well Made Music)
Parquet Courts – Content Nausea
Nnamdi – Are You Happy
Husker Du – Live at Jay’s Longhorn’s
Ghost Funk Orchestra – A New Kind of Love
Wendy O. Williams – Fuck’N Roll Live
Ren Harcar
Charlie Megira & The Hefker Girl: S/T
Fela Kuti: Zombie
The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World
Uno Lady: Single Rider
Dave Polster (Well Made Music)
Blasting Rod-Of Wild Hazel
Greensky Bluegrass- Stress Dreams B-Sides 7”
Team Bryce Foundation-A Season For A Smile Comp.
Powerman 5000-Tonight The Stars Revolt
Ghost Funk Orchestra-Nightwalker/Death Waltz
The Harlem Gospel Travelers-Look Up
V/A-Rat Race! (Peppermint Records Comp)
Trevor Something-Lost Love/Lost Memories
The Jive Turkeys-Bread & Butter
Melvin Van Peebles-Watermelon Man OST
The Vindys-Bugs
Max Roach-Members, Don’t Git Weary
Hearts Gone South-Mercy Of Your Tide
California Speedbag-Little Guns
Vince Slusarz (Sr)
As usual, limited to both what we shipped out this year to date and available listening time.  In no particular order:
Mary Gauthier- Dark Enough to See The Stars (30 Tigers)
Chas Cronk-Liberty (Renaissance)
Heavy Cat- The Return of Heavy Cat (Wax Mage)
GA 20-Crackdown (Colemine)
California Speedbag-Little Guns
Terrycloth Mother-S/T
Sweet Trip-Alura (Darla)
Booker T and the MGs- Complete Stax Singles Vol. 2 (Real Gone)
The Vindys-Bugs
Kalapana-S/T (Aloha Got Soul)
Brian Straw-Baby Stars/Dead Languages
Guided By Voices- Tremblers and Goggles by Rank (Rockathon)
Delvon Lamar Organ Trio-Cold as Weiss (Colemine)
Sarah Shook and the Disarmers-Nightroamer (30 Tigers)
Dillard and Clark-The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard and Clark (Intervention)
Red Dirt Boys-The Real Deal (Farm Team)
Gabbard Brothers-S/T (Karma Chief)
Bob Wills-Take It Away! – Best Of The Lost Transcriptions For Tiffany Music 1946-1947 (Real Gone)
Avett Brothers-6th Avett Guild 45 (Ramseur)
Julianne Hatfield/Emma Swift-Lotta Love/Give Me Strength 7” (American Laundromat)
The Monkees-All of Your Toys/The Girl I Knew Somewhere 7” (Rhino)
Tim Thornton
Drew Daniel & John Wiese – Through Mazes Running
Front Line Assembly – Tactical Neural Implant
Jesus Lizard – Shot
Dickie Landry & Lawrence Weiner – Having Been Built On Sand
Lynyn – Lexicon
My Dad Is Dead – Peace Love & Murder / Pow!
Carl Stone – Wat Dong Moon Lek
Tall Dwarfs – Unravelled
Yeule – Glitch Princess

Vinyl Pressing — Charlie Megira – The Hefker Girl

The bastard love child of Elvis and Lux Interior, Israeli guitarist Charlie Megira brewed a heady amalgam of ’50s trash rock, surf-y tremolo, and reverb-drenched goth during his all-too-brief 44 trips around the sun. He recorded seven albums worth of material in 15 years, primarily issued on CD-R, most of which is now unreadable or in a landfill. Armed with only an Eko guitar, a black tuxedo, and his signature wrap-around shades, Charlie Megira was a mold-breaking artist who disintegrated while we were all staring at our phones.

In 2006, Israeli garage-nik Charlie Megira took a sonic turn while partnered with Israeli multi-instrumentalist Michal Kahan. The duo wasted no time forging a new path, swapping Megira’s trademark reverb for echo, and guitar-noir for new wave. Their third album together, Charlie Megira And the Hefker Girl is an unabashed continuation of gothy ’80s archetypes employed by Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Cure. With little impedance, the album fits into Megira’s ageless world of cross-pollinated genres and styles.

Courtesy of Numero Group.

Vinyl Pressing — The Rabbits

First-ever vinyl release of criminally unknown early ’80s Japanese punk band.

Fully remastered from the band’s original early ’80s cassette releases, and housed in a sturdy tip-on sleeve. Includes a double-sided, illustrated insert.

Singer-songwriter Syoichi Miyazawa’s tale is a confounding one.

He grew up in a small town in Yamagata Prefecture (in northern Japan), loved Dylan and The Beatles, and had very little exposure to, or interest in, underground music. And yet, shortly after 24-year-old Miyazawa arrived in Tokyo in 1978, he began performing solo shows at tiny clubs in the city, singing and playing guitar. His performances quicky devolved from brisk acoustic jaunts to lengthy, heavy dirges sung in a snot-nosed wail over a blown-out electric guitar detuned to produce a kind of sonic sludge.

At one of his earliest gigs, a mutual friend introduced him to Endo Michiro, who would soon become the legendary front man of Japanese punk icons The Stalin. It turned out Miyazawa and Endo had attended Yamagata University at the same time just a few years earlier, but hadn’t known each other at school. In Tokyo, they became fast friends, moved into the same apartment building, and for years were inseparable. Endo played guitar and drums on Miyazawa’s debut release, the “Christ Was Born in a Stable” flexi disc. But while Endo was social and outgoing, Miyazawa preferred to be alone, avoiding concerts unless he was performing.

Despite these antisocial tendencies, Miyazawa came to despise playing solo. In 1982, an eccentric high school student named Chika introduced herself at one of Miyazawa’s gigs, and Miyazawa asked if she’d play bass. She agreed and drafted two of her friends to play second guitar and drums. The Rabbits were born.

Available courtesy of Mesh-Key Records.

Vinyl Pressing: Cara Louise

Vinyl Pressing

Cara Louise presents her debut LP – Wholesome Dread – released via Soul Step Records. Wholesome Dread is a 9-track collection chronicling the emotional depths of ontological anxiety, familial relationships, religion, and self-doubt. Placed on a sonic bed of genre-bending instrumentation, “Wholesome Dread” blurs the lines of Indie-Rock, Shoegaze, Folk and Americana music. Led by Cara’s signature powerful and emotive vocal chops, and hard-hitting lyrical content, this new LP pushes the songwriter to new creative heights. Grab it today!

Vinyl Pressing: 36 – The Box

New vinyl pressing! The Box contains the remastered albums Hypersona, Hollow, and Lithea, in addition to Orphans, which is a curated selection of compilation tracks, most for the first time on vinyl, as well as arrangements exclusive for this boxset. Entire set spans across six vinyl records. The records are housed in a 12.5 x 12.5 white semi gloss heavyweight Tip-On box. Limited and sequentially foil numbered – grab it while it is still available!

Vinyl Pressing: The Mutants

New vinyl pressing! The Mutants – Curse Of The Easily Amused.

It’s hard to let go of a good thing. More than four decades after the Mutants first appeared on the San Francisco underground music scene, four of the original members are still playing shows together under that name in 2022. After all, mutants are known to mutate, and that’s what this colorful, energetic musical collective has been doing off and on since 1977.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, the sessions for their lone album, 1982’s Fun Terminal, continue to bring forth lost nuggets. In punk and new wave lore, Fun Terminal is considered a troubled project. Prior to the album’s appearance, the Mutants had released only one 7-inch single — 1980s’ The Mutants EP — and the band also had songs featured on two local compilations. Both the EP and one of the compilations were issued by 415 Records, the legendary Bay Area indie that made the jump from the new wave trenches to the majors when they signed a deal with Columbia Records in 1981. Many scenesters felt that the Mutants should have begun album sessions for 415 immediately after the EP, but that didn’t happen.

Vinyl Pressing: Savage Republic

New vinyl pressing! Welcome to the world’s first (and only) post-punk-industrial-trance-psychedelic-surf album! The fact that it took so many adjectives to describe Tragic Figures lets you know just how unique of an album it is. Sure, there are echoes of other artists, like krautrock legends Can, post-punkers Public Image Limited (Savage Republic opened for PiL on their 1982 West Coast dates), avant-garde guitar players like Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham, scrap metal industrialists Einstürzende Neubauten, and Bay Area sludgecore nihilists Flipper—but really, this unlikely product of (mostly) UCLA undergrads sounds like no other record before or since.

For its 40th anniversary edition, Real Gone Music worked with Bruce Licher to preserve and expand on the magical, talismanic quality of the initial release. The original album has been remastered from the original tapes by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision, while both the CD and LP editions both boast an extra disc of largely unreleased rehearsal recordings taped in the bowels of UCLA parking garages, where the band used to practice to take advantage of the extended reverb afforded by all the concrete surfaces (imagine being an unwitting undergrad happening upon this unearthly din coming out of nowhere)! Richie Unterberger’s liner notes feature interviews with band members Licher, Philip Drucker, and Jeff Long, and the LP comes with the original cover graphics expanded into a gatefold jacket pressed in heavyweight “chipboard” paper stock. Clear your calendar and set aside a couple of hours to listen to Tragic Figures…you won’t end up where you started.

Vinyl Pressing: Trampled By Turtles

New vinyl pressing!

Produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, Alpenglow is the Minnesota-based sextet’s tenth album. The album, named after the optical phenomenon that takes places when the sun casts a reddish glow across the mountains at dawn and dusk, opens with the wistful beauty of “It’s So Hard To Hold On”. The narrator contemplates the passing of time and how imperative it is to savor it while you have it.

10 of the 11 tracks on Alpenglow were written by lead singer Dave Simonett, whose introspective and literate songwriting is the foundation of the unwavering connection the group’s music has with its fervent and ever-growing audience. “On The Highway” expresses a longing to wander but struggles with the value in maintaining roots. “Central Hillside Blues” addresses nostalgia and loss while “Quitting Is Rough” deals with having inner strength to not lose sight of what is real, with its beautiful and inspiring refrain “climb out, climb out, climb out” The Tweedy-penned “A Lifetime To Find” features a simple back-and-forth dialogue with Death, which ends as one might expect.

Vinyl Pressing: Sorry Eric – The Problem With Fun

Coming soon in October from Cincinnati-based Happy Families — Sorry Eric is propelled by blue collar midwestern modernity, Eric turns it all to gold. Beautiful NZ influenced indie rock that’s too lame to be cool.

Stay tuned for order info!

Multimagic — Manic Daze


Soul Step Records is proud to announce the release of Multimagic’s upcoming LP, “Manic Daze.” This is the second release that Soul Step has done with Multimagic after a successful 45 release of two tracks off this LP, “Dreams” and “Sunshine.”

Multimagic is for fans of Death Cab for Cutie, The Cure, and Fleetwood Mac. This album shares the journey of lead singer Coran Stetter and his “Manic Daze” that changed his life. This album is an uplifting listen that will pull you from your hardest times. Jangly guitars, pulsing synths, and a pounding rhythm section drives this album. This record will give you a much more positive mental outlook in these uncertain times. 

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