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Customer Highlight — J Roddy Walston & The Business

It’s hard to think of a bigger musical swap than relocating your band from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Baltimore, Maryland. But in 2004, that’s exactly what J-Roddy Walston and the Business did. For the group–known for their infectious brand of no-frills Americana rock–it was quite the change. But since then, they’ve adjusted to their new locale and have garnered a reputation for their live shows, where they’ve been known to spontaneously break out into rowdy covers of Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls” [audience interaction required.] A few weeks before their SXSW 2010 performance, Spinner asked the band whether the nightly Southern-style goal of their live shows was to get crowds singing, dancing, and drinking. To which they answered: “Yes. Preferably all at the same time.”

Long in the making, we shipped a very limited run of vinyl of the band’s latest self-titled album.  We’re not really sure how you can pick one up, but if you can make it to one of their live shows, even if you can’t grab a copy of the album, we’re sure you will have a good time.

Customer Highlight — Vagrant Records; Stars

We at GGR are huge fans of Vagrant Records and their amazing roster of artists.  When they approached us about pressing a special limited edition 7″ box set for the new Stars album entitled The Five Ghosts, we were absolutely ecstatic!

If you haven’t checked this album out yet, you really need to.  It was released on CD in June, and you can hit up the band’s website for a chance to either win or purchase this very special limited edition box until supplies run out (there is a preview pic below of the box — packaging was handled by the really cool Montreal-based Le Projet Cardboard Box)

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