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Gotta Groove Records Acquires NiPro Records Division

In 2009, Gotta Groove Records set out to disrupt the vinyl record manufacturing industry.  Our goals were 1. To simplify the record making process; and 2. To pursue pressing the best sounding and looking records that have ever been made.

Within our first 12 months of operating, we accomplished our first goal by launching an immersive and information-rich website.  We incorporated the wisdom so graciously passed to us by veterans of the industry at that time, along with easy-to-understand pricing information, and a seamless manner to place orders through the web.  We also set up a system for rapid communication with customers.

Our second goal, to produce the best sounding and looking records that have ever been made, is more easily said than done.  We spent the next 10 years of our existence perfecting our craft, learning from our mistakes, and wherever possible, advancing the technology, materials, and machines we use daily.  We became obsessed with quality control. As in most types of manufacturing, every day is a new adventure, and often a new learning experience.  We are extremely proud of the records we produce today, and we are humbled and thankful to be allowed to press records for a new generation of listeners – Generation Wax.

So, in our ever-present pursuit of making a more perfect record, not just within our own pressing plant, but also with the hope of advancing quality and sustainability within the supply chain of the vinyl record industry at large, we are excited to announce that Gotta Groove Records is absorbing the NiPro Optics Records plating division, and will be moving the operation from California to Ohio over the course of the next several weeks.  NiPro has been an instrumental partner in our success over the past seven years, and several NiPro employees will continue to be directly involved in this transition both in Ohio and in California for the foreseeable future.

We are particularly excited to begin supplying existing NiPro customers with the same or better level of service that they have been accustomed to.  While there will inevitably be a brief period of potential shipping delays while we move the NiPro operation from California to Ohio, the quality of the stampers produced will not waiver, and we will be prioritizing stamper shipments for existing NiPro customers. 

Also, lacquer engineers will continue to have access to blank MDC lacquers as they have been accustomed to receiving from NiPro as Gotta Groove Records assumes the U.S. distribution of MDC lacquers.  

We accentuate, our goal is to use this opportunity to improve the consistency and reliability of the supply chain to the entire record making industry, not just to benefit Gotta Groove Records and its customers.

We are excited for this opportunity to simplify and improve efficiencies within the supply chain from cutting to plating to pressing. 

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GrooveCoated Test Pressing Offer

Want to hear what GrooveCoated stampers can do for your record?

While the main advantages of GrooveCoated stampers manifest from larger pressing runs, for a limited time, GGR will offer GrooveCoated 12″ test pressings independent of a vinyl pressing order. To participate, you will need to provide either lacquers, or a vinyl master to be cut, as well as our standard release form.

Cost for 20 evaluation copies, including 3-step plating and GrooveCoated stampers is $850 + shipping (excluding lacquer cut).

Please contact us today at [email protected] or (800) 295-0171 to arrange a GrooveCoated test of your audio.

Record Highlight — JP Harris & The Tough Choices

I’ll Keep Calling is the debut album from Nashville’s JP Harris and the Tough Choices. Twelve original songs written by JP and recorded at Joel Savoy’s Studio Savoire Faire in Eunice, Louisiana. Backed by the rhythm section from the Red Stick Ramblers (Eric Fey on bass and Glenn Fields on drums) along with Asa Brosius on steel guitar and Chris Hartway (the Dixons and the Defibulators)on guitar. In addition to engineering the sessions, Joel adds some fiddle to the mix.

Only 29 years old, JP wrote all twelve songs on the album and sings them in a voice that seems beyond his years. Having hit the road at the young age of 14, he has been living the songs he writes for well over a decade. With a guitar always in his hands, he began playing and singing early country standards around sheep-herding camps in the southwest, and later in hobo jungles and on freight trains across the country. Living and working the past ten years as carpenter, logger, apple-picker, banjo-builder, busker, and a slew of other low-paid, dirty-handed trades in rural Vermont, JP decided to take to the road once again as the neon and stage lights beckoned relentlessly. Relocating closer to his home-city of Montgomery, AL in September of 2011, JP now calls Music City (Nashville, TN) home.

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