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Record Highlights — Indie Retail Triple Shot!

We are extremely excited to have pressed these releases, each being produced by in-house record labels owned by Independent Record Stores around the country, and each being released TODAY (11.23.12)!  The first two records below are regional, so if you are fortunate enough to be in the Cincinnati, Ohio or Batavia, IL geographic vicinity, be sure to hit up the stores to grab a copy (or just contact them through their websites listed below, and they’ll probably be happy to send you a copy).  The latter two records will be available nationally, to grab them while you still can!


Various Artists — Play It Like You Did Back To George Street

Released By:  Shake-It Records, Cincinnati, Ohio

For now, available on Vinyl (+digital download) only!  The comp focuses on musicians that lived in and made their livings playing music in Cincinnati in the 1920’s & 30’s. The grooves are filled with topical songs that chart a long-gone Cincinnati such as “I’m Going To Cincinnati”, “George Street Stomp”, “Court Street Blues”, “Sixth Street Moan”, “Clair and Pearley Blues”, “Cincinnati Underworld Woman” and an ode to our neighbor across the Ohio with “Newport Blues”. Liner notes (all 4500 words of ’em) are written by Steve Tracy and cover artwork from underground comic great Justin Green round out the package.


Cattleprod – 7”

Released By:  Waterloo Sunset Records (Kiss The Sky), Batavia, IL

Waterloo Sunset Records is proud to announce the long awaited release of the first record by CattleProd! Their two track 7″ multi-colored vinyl record will be available (along with other Record Store day specials) today!  The CattleProd! 7″ single features the songs “Price You Pay” and “Southbound Train”.  You can catch the band live at the new Kiss The Sky Records location today (11.23.12)!


Grateful Dead – Dick’s Picks Volumes 1 and 2


Released By:  Brookvale Records (Looney Tunes), West Babylon, NY (under license from Rhino Entertainment)

The first two releases in the ambitious Dick’s Picks vinyl series being released by Brookvale Records over the next year or so are the Volume 1 (Tampa, FL 12/19/1973) and Volume 2 (Columbus, Ohio 10/31/1971) installments.  Both are extremely limited (hand numbered at 2,000 units each) on 180 gram vinyl, and are significant performances from the Dead’s vast vault of live shows.  Grab a copy while they are still available!


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