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SXSW 2011 Panel Picker Launched

The folks at SXSW just launched their PanelPicker online, which allows for anyone to vote on topics they would be interested in being finalized as panels at SXSW 2011.  Voting is live until August 27.

GGR submitted its own panel proposal, and you can vote for it here. (you’ll have to register for a FREE panelpicker account first)

Regardless of whether you plan on having a record pressed here at GGR, or by any one of the fine pressing plants around the world, we feel strongly that the topics we proposed will be helpful to anyone — new or veteran — wanting to get records pressed.

Here is a description of our proposal:

With the recent increase in the number of albums being pressed on vinyl, there is more interest now than in a very long time among bands and indie labels on how to press their own records. Many of these bands and labels have been raised during the “digital generation”, and therefore can find the process of moving their music to the analog vinyl format challenging. In particular, music that has not been mastered specifically for the vinyl format can sound horrible– clips; distortion; and in some cases, skips can ruin the end listening experience. This panel introduces those who are interested in having their own music pressed on vinyl to the process and limitations of the format. From the very limitations of the analog sound spectrum, to the inherent specifications of those flat black circle discs– this panel will discuss every technical aspect of pressing a vinyl record from the start to the finish and all in-between.


  • Do I need to prepare a master specifically for vinyl; and if so, what are the specs?
  • Lacquers, Stampers, Reference Acetates, Dub Plates, Test Pressings — what do all of these terms mean, and where to they fit into the process?
  • Does 33.3 or 45 rpm matter?
  • What is the longest side length I can fit on a 7″ or 12″ record?
  • Analog vs Digital masters — does it really matter, and if so, why?
  • Q&A Session covering all things vinyl
  • Remember– voting closes on August 27!

    One of a kind Gotta Groove Messenger Bag (literally)

    Following SXSW, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about my custom messenger bag.  I’m a vinyl nerd and the two of us with an office in Columbus (Tyler and Matt) are both regular bike commuters.

    I’ve wanted to get a messenger bag from Seagull Bags ever since I moved here three years ago.

    They offer seasonal bags and do amazing custom work.  Mine has a custom embroidered logo on the outside, was all custom colors. (red velcro, red inside, dark blue outer, lighter blue on the flap.  Plus custom pocket for water bottle and  a special pocket for holding vinyl.  I’m usually biking around carrying some samples just in case, but mostly use it when I’m traveling, or in case I ever decide to drop into one of my favorite record stores.   I can’t thank the folks at Seagull enough, they did an unbelievable job.  Check out their website for some even more badass bags.

    We are very excited to have pressed the new 7″  holiday release from Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team.   Four great rocking songs on one slim 45 rpm disc, including the new Christmas song “Christmas On The Faces”, a song worthy of comparison to one of the band’s influences -NRBQ and their classic “Christmas Wish”.  The other three songs, “Willie Mays” (a homage to one of the greats and a broadside to Barry Bonds), “Found Missin” and “Goin’ or Comin'”  can also be found on their last full-length National Champions, but on this disc they have been even more punch-drunked up with horns and a hot remix.  Any one of their releases, along with Terry’s previous solo work, and his stints with The Yayhoos,  are highly recommended. Get this disc here at

    The Greatest Record Collection

    I had heard about this video floating around, but just stumbled upon it.

    Paul Mawhinney is an incredible man.  I could re-iterate details, but please just watch the video.

    If this doesn’t make you believe that what we, and anyone out there involved in creating music, are engaging in something bigger than themselves, I’m not sure you have a heart.

    This concludes my sentimental rant.  Off to make $$$ so we can buy this collection.


    Everyone loves high-end stereos, right?

    We have a pretty nice QA room in our plant.  I’ve seen some sweet setups, but this is ridiculous. Il Piu’ Grande Subwoofer Del Mondo | Arkitip Intel.

    Customer Highlight: Drunken Cholos / Rich White Males

    Check out the latest Gotta Groove split 7″ pressing:

    Side 1: Drunken Cholos,  Side 2: Rich White Males

    drunken cholos vs rich white males

    I Rock Cleveland: Inside Gotta Groove Records — Cleveland’s Vinyl Pressing Plant

    A HUGE thanks to music blogger extraordinaire Bill Lipold for coming to our grand opening party Saturday.  Some great shots of the equipment.  For all things rock and Cleveland, you should be reading I ROCK CLEVELAND.

    I Rock Cleveland: Inside Gotta Groove Records — Cleveland’s Vinyl Pressing Plant.

    Questlove has more records than you do.

    Great two part chat over at with ?uestlove of the Roots Crew about masters, his record collection, and a fued with Biz Markie.



    • He has over 60,000 records.
    • He built a special library to hold all of his records.
    • He has spent $3000 – 4000 a month on records since 1993.

    Watch it HERE!

    Wonderful Vinyl Sonic Art

    Artist Christian Marclay does some pretty amazing work with found sounds, oftentimes using scratches, pops and warped records in a way that would make most audiophiles cringe.  He really explores the concept of sound and how it influences us.

    Record Shopping in the East Village

    Those flat, round, black things with the hole in the middle that your father keeps stacked in his man cave: they’re called vinyl records.

    via Local Stop – East Village – Returning to Music’s Old Home –

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