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A New Endeavor for Gotta Groove

Gotta Groove Records has been in business since summer 2009. It’s been a fantastic journey for all of us.
We’ve learned hands-on the process of setting up a vinyl manufacturing plant, tweaking all of the machines to produce high quality vinyl and locking down our quality assurance process, to put out only the highest quality vinyl records.

We all got into this business because we love working with artists and labels, love creating unique items for their fans, and love listening to great-sounding vinyl.

That’s why it’s with a heavy heart that I am announcing Gotta Groove will be shutting down our plant and scrapping all of our equipment. While many of our loyal customers and fans have been heralding the resurgence of vinyl, we’ve been filled with doubt. That’s why, starting today, we are proud to announce that Gotta Groove Records is being re-launched as Gotta Groove 8-Tracks.

That’s right, in our pursuit for sonic excellence, we believed that we’ve pushed the boundaries of vinyl as a medium and are happy to be able to offer our audiophile customers the superior sound that can only be achieved from magnetic tape.  Combined with the portability and legendary durability of the format, we think this is a win-win for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions!

– Tyler

Gotta Groove Documentary

I know not all of you can make the trip out to Cleveland. But we’re very proud of our facilities.
The incredibly talented Nick Cavalier made us this amazing film to help us show off our plant.

Gotta Groove Logo

Fantastic work by Nick Cavalier.  Logo concept and design by Logan Walters.

We’re working on some cool new stuff to introduce Gotta Groove to the world.

Holiday Thanks

Gotta Groove Records did not exist a year ago.  The dream of starting a vinyl pressing plant was nothing more than idle speculation then.  It was in mid-January of 2009 that the journey to making this dream a reality began to take shape, thanks to the willingness of Jerry Salerno at Dynamic Sun to depart with his assets after over sixty years of being in business.
Moving the presses and the associated equipment to Cleveland took place last March, and the Tyler Village space in which we now reside was confirmed in May.   It wasn’t until late August that we were in a position to press our first records.

Upon reflection, we have come an incredibly long way in a relatively short period of time. Such progress only occurs due to the efforts of many people.  Dan Greathouse’s willingness to jump on board and tackle the job of learning, operating and repairing the machinery was a key first step.  Matt Earley and Tyler Kremberg joined up with us in June, and they have done a fantastic job spearheading our sales and marketing efforts.  Tim Thornton and my son, Vince, have both been working with us over the last couple of months as press operators, quality assurance and jacks of all trades.  My wife, Becky, has helped out with the books and provides sanity checks when needed.  We hope that our continued progress will allow us to hire more talented individuals, and provide some opportunities to people during these difficult economic times.
Thanks are also in order to our many suppliers; not only have they been providing timely delivery of quality product, they have been very helpful with their advice.  Of particular note is the selfless help and counsel provided by many of the people at the other pressing plants in the industry.  They could have viewed us as competition and ignored our overtures – that they did not speaks volumes about their integrity and their understanding that another plant producing quality records only helps our collective efforts to spread the vinyl love.  And, of course, thanks to our customers for taking a chance with the new guys and for their patience.

You are receiving this message because you make your living in the music industry.  Like us, you have a passion for music, and perhaps even for vinyl.  If vinyl isn’t already a part of your business plan, please consider it; thousands of artists and labels have seen the positive profitable and promotional value of the medium.  Whether you use Gotta Groove Records or any one of the other fine pressing plants, let’s make some records!

– Vince Slusarz

Feature in Cleveland Scene!

Screen shot 2009-12-02 at 9.26.01 AM

For some great info about who we are, what we’re about and how this all came to be, check out our feature in the Cleveland Scene today.

Feature in musicangle

We are very proud to be featured this month in musicangle. Michael Fremer is an inspiration, and his documentary “It’s a Vinyl World After All” was certainly an inspiration and is a defining work in all aspects of vinyl collecting, care and production.


And just to note, in addition to my British home setup, at our Columbus office we have my old DJ rig of two Technics 1200s with Rockit studio monitors. Yes, that’s the former Dr. Dreidel setup.

Cleveland Blogosphere Love

Here’s another great write-up on the internets from Cleveland Bachelor:

Cleveland Bachelor: Before Cleveland can rock, first it has Gotta Groove!.

We’ve slowly been reaching out to local (and national) music blogs.

Want an interview? A tour?  Contact [email protected]

I Rock Cleveland: Inside Gotta Groove Records — Cleveland’s Vinyl Pressing Plant

A HUGE thanks to music blogger extraordinaire Bill Lipold for coming to our grand opening party Saturday.  Some great shots of the equipment.  For all things rock and Cleveland, you should be reading I ROCK CLEVELAND.

I Rock Cleveland: Inside Gotta Groove Records — Cleveland’s Vinyl Pressing Plant.

Test Pressing Video Footage

We had an amazing innaguration party this Saturday at the plant, pictures are coming in via email, I’ll be posting some good ones here and on the Facebook page.  Here’s a short video clip of one pressing coming through the press.  Enjoy!

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