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Vinyl Pressing: Height Keech – Make Your Own Light

New Vinyl Pressing: Height Keech is a Baltimore-based rapper/producer, and the founder of Cold Rhymes Records. Height albums have been constantly changing since his self-titled debut was released in 2000. Bed Of Seeds is guitar-based garage rap. Height With Friends Versus Dynamic Sounds retraces the steps of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five. Mind Moves The Mountain merged minimal raps with post-punk beats. The Height catalog is ever-changing, but is intended to stand as one body of work.

Make Your Own Light releases May 6, 2022

Synths on Endless Evil by PT Burnem
Additional guitars on Kevin O’Meara by Emceein’ Eye
Sourcing on Green Slime On Slyme by Matt Hazelbaker
Mastered by Carl Saff

Vinyl Pressing: Kyle Eldridge – Spooky Moon Single

Kyle Eldridge - Spooky Moon- Digital Single

Mid tempo country and western shuffle, toe tappin’, 2 step, alien moon conspiracy theory, honky tonk, vintage style country…available soon from Swelltune Records!

Vinyl Pressing: Feed Lemon – Self-Titled

Feed Lemon is an alternative rock band based out of Pensacola, Florida. The group consists of longtime friends Braydon Sult (rhythm guitar, vocals), Anthony Brown (drums), Seth Williams (Bass), and John “JD” West (lead guitar). The bands draws influences across a variety of genres including but not limited to grunge, classic rock, metal-core, progressive metal, folk, punk, and hardcore. Their self-titled album is available on vinyl NOW!

Vinyl Pressing: Barrie – Barbara

Barrie, Barbara, Album Artwork_FINAL.jpg

Barbara is the sophmore LP from Barrie. Pre-order now on Aqua Blue Vinyl, which is limited to 400 copies and made using 100% recycled vinyl (industrial vinyl record regrind, not post-consumer). Black Vinyl, Cassette Tapes and CDs also available to pre-order. Vinyl and cassettes include a download code.  Hit up our friends at Winspear today!

Vinyl Pressing: I Fight Dragons – Side Quest

New Vinyl Pressing! Features 24 IFD B-sides and rarities, plus four new studio recordings! Metallic pigment vinyl! Grab it now from IFD.

Vinyl Pressing: Enzo Minarelli – De Revolutionibus

New vinyl pressing! Other Minds Records is pleased to announce de revolutionibus: sound homage to Copernicus, a new limited edition LP release from legendary text-sound poet Enzo Minarelli.

Minarelli compares the revolution of sound poetry to the revolution that Copernicus brought about with his discovery of the heliocentric nature of the solar system. Just like Copernicus put the sun at the center of the solar system, sound poets centered the human voice—and thus the sensuous nature of a text—over traditional systems of syntax.

Throughout de revolutionibus, the literal definitions of the words are stripped through repetition and minimalist processes, and layers of varying fidelity of the vocal recording obscure any intelligibility even further. Minarelli deftly combines his voice with found sound, synthesizer, and drum machine accompaniment, vacillating between something like noise assemblage and mutant hip hop.

de revolutionibus is at once a continuation and expansion of the vast corpus that the artist has built over his decades-long career. Elements of glitch music, pulsing drums, and grooving low frequencies are paired with more traditional elements of phonetic poetry creating an extraterrestrial hybrid, part avant-pop and part maximalist Dada treatise.

Vinyl Pressing: The Twirpentines – Goodnight, Porchlight

New vinyl pressing: Recorded at Mudhut Studios on April 13th & 14th, 2002, and courtesy of A-F Records, now available on vinyl for the first time! Pre-order is up, records shipping in January 2022.

Vinyl Pressing: GA-20

Albums Of The Week: GA-20 | GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor: Try It...You Might  Like It! - Tinnitist

Blues music is revered for its timelessness. The best blues – no matter how old – sounds as fresh and visceral today as it did when first recorded. The high-energy electric blues trio GA-20 – guitarist Matt Stubbs, guitarist/vocalist Pat Faherty, and drummer Tim Carman – know this well. The band’s dynamic self-penned songs sound and feel as fresh and real as the old blues they love and perform, including songs by Otis Rush, J.B. Lenoir, Howlin’ Wolf, Junior Wells and especially their favorite, Hound Dog Taylor.

Legendary six-fingered Chicago bluesman Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog” Taylor always knew how he wanted to be remembered, declaring, “When I die they’ll say, ‘he couldn’t play shit, but he sure made it sound good!’” His first full length recording in 1971 was also the first album on now world-famous Alligator Records, Hound Dog Taylor & The HouseRockers. In fact, label president Bruce Iglauer founded Alligator for the sole purpose of recording and releasing that album.

Now, Colemine Records – working in partnership with Alligator Records – will release GA-20’s new full-length album, Try It…You Might Like It! GA-20 Does Hound Dog Taylor, featuring 10 songs written or performed by the Chicago blues legend. From the fiery first single and album opener “She’s Gone” to the blistering “Sadie” to the all-time Hound Dog classic “Give Me Back My Wig”, GA-20 deliver one electrifying track after another.

Vinyl Pressing: Eddie Suzuki

Enterprising composer and musician Eddie Suzuki made his own path throughout his lifetime. Born on October 4, 1929, Suzuki worked as a young shoeshiner in 1940s Honolulu, saving enough money to take piano lessons. In high school, he lead a big band orchestra of 16, and sometimes up to 40 members. By the age of 18, he owned a piano shop that pivoted to become Honolulu’s top guitar store.

For Eddie Suzuki, music always came first. In 1973, after performing and composing songs for many years, Eddie Suzuki and his group, New Hawaii, recorded the now impossibly rare album, High Tide.

The LP is “not a rock-out”, local music journalist Wayne Harada ruminated in a 1973 review. “Rather, it’s one man’s vision — and version — of the now Hawaii.” A seasoned mix of psych, Hawaiian, and pop sensibilities, the music on High Tide gave the listener a look into Eddie’s singular vision celebrating the sights and sounds (and spirit) of Hawaii.

AGS-036 from Aloha Got Soul highlights two top tunes from the album. “City of Refuge”, an island psych rock rarity that burns blissfully like the Hawaiian sun. “Fly To Waikiki”, a playful, romanced tune about Hawaii’s most famous destination.

Eddie Suzuki’s New Hawaii:
Laurence Harada, guitar
John Schulmeister, bass
Gary Fittro, drums
Nani Kuaiwa, vocals
Eddie Suzuki, vocals, Hammond organ, Arp synthesizer.

Available from Aloha Got Soul.

Major Murphy — Access


Access, the second album by Major Murphy, is an album born out of being at a crossroads. It’s also, without question, an album to blast at an unruly volume to soundtrack an experience one might have standing at that crossroads. It’s remarkably cohesive – a striking relic in an age where ardent and true “album-making” is a fading art form – full of heavy rock’n’roll sounds and textured atmospheres fused with pro-idea, hyper-creative jittery warmth. In nine songs, it somehow takes a listener backwards and forwards at once, reckoning with intrinsic anxieties while conceptualizing a fantastical and vibrant happening, soothing in its familiar, occasionally childlike tone.

Pre-order from Winspear now!

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