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What Is Generation Wax?

Generation Wax is a first-of-its-kind symposium on the current and future state of the vinyl record production supply chain.  The event was born in 2015 through the collaborations of many companies involved in various parts of the vinyl production process (see list below), and is being held at Gotta Groove Records November 12 through November 13, 2015.

The purpose of this gathering is to reinforce the relationships among these supply chain members, and forge new ways of collaboration to continue the growth of the vinyl record market, and improve service to those who release, buy, and sell vinyl records.

The event could not have happened without the flexibility, attendance, and contributions of the following individuals and companies:

Alex DeTurk
mailto: alexanderdeturk at yahoo dot com

Apollo/Transco Masters

Black Saloon Studios

Baseline Audio

Bonati Mastering

Cauliflower Audio

Chicago Mastering

Chris Muth

Clay Pasternack Distribution

Golden Mastering

George Horn Mastering

Infrasonic Sound

Jeff Powell



Nipro Optics

Paul Stubblebine


Rare Form Mastering


Sterling Sound

Telegraph Mastering

TPC Plastics

Think Indie

Welcome to 1979

Well Made Music

Yes Mastering

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