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Turnaround/Lead Time & Scheduling

While the vast majority of orders finish early (sometimes in as fast as one month), we strongly urge you to plan by our more conservative published turnaround times listed below on this page — these turnaround times are updated as we receive new orders, and are always 100% up-to-date.  Any given order could encounter unforeseeable production issues and delays beyond the published turnarounds below, but over 95% of the orders we manufacture finish well within these published time frames.


The estimates below are start-to-finish from when you place your order, assuming that you send us all of your audio/art files when you place your order, and you approve items sent to you for review within 2 business days of receipt. In most cases, orders ship within about a week of their press date, if not sooner.

12″ standard weight – orders placed today will probably be on press mid/late October depending upon qty and color(s).  

12″ 180 gram – orders placed today will probably be on press mid/late October depending upon qty.  

7″ — orders placed today will probably be on press mid/late October depending upon qty and color(s). 

If you are trying to plan a specific release date and/or event, please discuss with us before committing to any date, in spite of any other information posted on this page.  

Our capacity allows us to press approximately 110,000-125,000 records per month — roughly 1-1.5 million records per year (varies a bit depending upon mix of orders, how machines are running, vinyl colors, and even the weather [big factor in the summer]).  While this capacity does not permit us to have the fastest turnarounds of any vinyl pressing plant, from day one, Gotta Groove’s mission has been to produce the highest quality vinyl records possible from both a sonic and aesthetic perspective at a fair price; and strive to provide industry-best customer service.  

Very generally speaking, orders of 500+ units tend to finish a little faster than orders under 500 units.  This is because it is far easier to schedule qty’s of 500, vs smaller quantities (which will not fill an entire shift).

Can I pay extra to rush my order?  We get this question all of the time, and we totally understand why it is asked – in the 21st century, you can pay extra to rush just about everything.  But, with the few exceptions mentioned below, we just do not have an ethical way to take extra money from certain customers, and move them ahead of others who may not have paid extra.  The pressing machines really only work at one speed, so outside of bumping someone else out of the way, there just is no feasible way to “rush” a pressing.

The number one thing you can do to move your job along is to submit all of your files up front, immediately upon placing your order, and in the right format (i.e., audio professionally mastered for vinyl by someone who regularly masters specifically for vinyl for a living; art prepared with our templates and following the specs of our Art Guide).  Then, stay on top of approvals.  These two things can be the biggest factors in moving your order to the finish line ahead of schedule.  95% of the orders we manufacture do finish ahead of schedule when these instructions are followed.

Other ways to “rush” an order:

Labels – Most labels are gang-run with other jobs.  You can pay $100 extra to “rush print” your labels, which essentially means we are going to print just your labels by themselves, vs gang running them.  This can sometimes speed up an order.  Of course, production issues can still create delays in spite of paying this fee – we do not have a way to guarantee delivery dates.

Rush shipping – If you are just ordering the standard 5 copies of test pressings, you can pay $120 extra for us to overnight ship the test pressings.  This fee also covers our internal costs of rush-shipping metal parts for your order by themselves from our different plating facilities.  Again, production issues can still create delays in spite of paying this extra fee – we do not have a way to guarantee delivery dates.

Jackets – if you are ordering less than 500 records, your jackets can take a longer time to print.  To enable us to sell short-run jackets (e.g., 300 copies or less) at a lower pricepoint, we do have to combine several different jacket orders together, vs printing alone.  You can rush this aspect of your order in certain circumstances – please call us to discuss at (800) 295-0171, because not all jacket orders will cost the same to rush, and some types of jackets just cannot be rushed.

Please specify if you want any of these “rush” options in the notes section of the order form, when you first place your order.


Every step in our approach to making records takes extra time.

When we are cutting your lacquers (assuming you are ordering test cuts and/or reference acetates), we don’t just take a blanket approach and cut your masters blindly.  Each master requires its own specific approach, and this takes more time than just cutting without listening.  This limits the number of records we can cut each day, but also ensures that our customers’ projects are receiving the attention they deserve.

Record plating and record pressing are processed that cannot be “rushed” — when you try to squeeze out more product than what you have realistic capacity to produce, quality goes down.  We will not sacrifice our quality control measures to push more records out the door.

Before shipping test pressings to customers, each test is reviewed on more than one turntable.  Any imperfections are further inspected by our Quality Control Manager.  In many cases, we make the decision to not ship test pressings and to further troubleshoot issues before the test pressings get into the customer’s hands.  When required, we absorb the additional costs of remaking parts to correct test pressing issues.  While this can add weeks to the time it takes to ship test pressings, it also maintains our 99% test pressing approval rating by correcting most issues before they can reach our customers’ turntables.

When your final order is being pressed, we have one quality control employee per every two pressing machines listening to approximately every 25th record off the press during every shift.  Notes are kept and pressing adjustments made, as necessary.  We are the only pressing plant in the United States with this sort of strict quality control procedure.  This certainly does increase the amount of time necessary to manufacture records, but it has proven effective in shipping the highest quality records that can possibly be manufactured.

We like to refer to our records as “vinyl perfect” — we are always striving for perfection in an imperfect medium, shipping records that are the best that they can sound/look given each project’s unique characteristics.  We just can’t rush this sort of approach.

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