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Fulfillment Services:

Tired of packing and mailing your own records?  Save time and money by having the Gotta Groovies be your fulfillment partner!

Save on freight costs (no longer a need to ship records to you, only for you to re-ship them out to your customers).

Prevent damage (avoid the risk of loss/damage by only shipping records out once).

Save time (let us do the painstaking pick-pack-ship work for you).

Save money (hey, your time is worth a lot, isn’t it?).

While we prefer fulfillment from our own GottaGrooveBot crowdfunding/pre-order platform or the Bandcamp fulfillment partner interface, we are able to work with pretty much any system that you use to collect your orders.

On tour with limited vehicle space? Hey, records take up a lot of room! We can warehouse and ship your records/merch to arrive at your various tour stops just in time for you shows.  No more lugging around boxes of merch in addition to your gear!

Contact us today to discuss Fulfillment Pricing [PDF], requirements, and other specifics.  Of course, feel free to call us at (800) 295-0171 any time!


Distribution Services:

We can also place your titles with two of the world’s largest wholesalers (Super D/Alliance), as well as many independent record stores in the U.S. who buy directly from us.  The titles eligible for this service are extremely selective, so please consult with a GGR representative before making plans.


These dates are very strict and there is no flexibility.  Therefore, we strongly urge you to contact us to discuss your plans well in advance of even placing your manufacturing order, to make sure there are no surprises.

Gotta Groove Records is the only fully vertically integrated record manufacturing operation in the world: Your one-stop-source for lacquer mastering, record electroforming, record pressing, label/jacket/sleeve printing, download code hosting, crowdfunding, wholesale distribution, and consumer-direct fulfillment.
Specializing in Private Pressing Projects.
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(800) 295-0171

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