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Todd Rundgren & Utopia – Live at the Old Waldorf

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Todd Rundgren & Utopia – Live at the Old Waldorf

With unrivaled stylistic sweep, musicianly chops, and depth of repertoire, Todd Rundgren & Utopia were a must-see concert draw in the late ‘1970s.  This Double-LP release captures an August 5, 1978 date at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, right at the start of a nationwide tour.  Earlier in the year, Rundgren had assembled an all-star band for residencies at the Bottom Line and The Roxy.  Performances from those dates, plus an August 23 Utopia show, supplied the material for the live album Back to the Bars.  Live at the Old Waldorf includes seven songs that did not appear on Back to the Bars, including four songs from Oops! Wrong Planet.  Also includes Utopia backing Rundgren on songs, Like “Black and White” and “The Last Ride,” from which they were absent on Back to the Bars.  Pre-order this limited edition color vinyl set from Real Gone Music now!


Moon Temple — I & II

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Moon Temple — I & II


Moon Temple is Gabriel Andruzzi. You may know him as the bass player/sax guy/engineer of a well known defunct, NYC band.  This well-polished piece contains 9 tracks of delicate interludes, acid stompers, and weirdo spastic mechanical marches. There is no way to know if this release will end up in a big room, a sweaty basement, or a museum. Not only does it sound good, but there is a visual aspect too. Both I and II 12”s (pressed on 45) are packaged in beautiful silver foil op art by Moscow’s Art Crime.


HEXA – Factory Photographs

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on HEXA – Factory Photographs

HEXA is Lawrence English and Jamie Stewart. Factory Photographs is their soundtrack to David Lynch’s evocative exploration of the passing of the industrial age.

In 2015, Brisbane’s Gallery Of Modern Art presented David Lynch : Between Two Worlds, a major retrospective of Lynch’s works across painting, sculpture, installation and photography.

To celebrate the retrospective curator, José Da Silva ,with David Lynch and his studio developed a number of commissions in conjunction with the exhibition. One of these commissions was HEXA’s sonic response to David Lynch’s Factory Photographs.

When asked recently about his decades’ long interest in photographing factories in various states of disuse, David Lynch remarked “I grew up in the north-west of America where there are no factories at all, just woods and farms. But my mother was from Brooklyn, so when I was little we used to go there and I got a taste for a certain kind of architecture and a feeling for machines and smoke and fear. To me, the ideal factory location has no real nature, except winter-dead black trees and oil-soaked earth. Time disappears when I’m shooting in a factory, it’s really beautiful.”

Preorder now.


Dethbeds — Dungeon Scum

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Dethbeds — Dungeon Scum

A newly-formed outfit, DETHBEDS unites a host of influence from a wide array of musical backgrounds, resulting in a volatile concoction of angular metallic, punk-fueled hardcore.  Their single-sided EP is available for preorder now.


Blake Rainey and his Demons — Helicopter Rose

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Blake Rainey and his Demons — Helicopter Rose

Blake Rainey has been recognized by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, music magazines Flagpole and Stomp & Stammer, and Creative Loafing as one of Georgia’s finest songwriters. His solo material consists of heart-on-the-sleeve folk, country and scrappy-smart rock in the vein of Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Westerberg.

The latest album by Blake Rainey and his Demons — Helicopter Rose —  is available for pre-order now through his Southern Lovers Recording Co. imprint.


Bazile Mills — Where We Are

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Bazile Mills — Where We Are


Bazile Mills is an Indie/Alt band from Omaha, NE, formed in May of 2014. The name is a tribute to a time almost forgotten and the ghost town. The town of Bazile Mills was founded in 1882 after the first woolen mill in Nebraska was erected just north of town. Today there are only about 30 residents as the townspeople left after the mills closed. The group is based around songwriterDavid Mainelli and features versatile musicians around him. Tim Rozmajzl brings a gifted country/ blues lead guitar to the mix. Laura Streeter (former lead singer for Gauge) brings an array of instrumental talents and a powerful, moody/indie voice that combines with rhythm guitarist, Sam Vetter’s, unique voice as well. Dan Stein plays the bass and the lap steel guitar and Robb Clemens (formerly of Driven) brings plenty of band experience with the drums.

The band’s new EP – Where We Are – is available soon from Widmest Productions. Stay tuned!


Forest Sun — Walk Through Walls

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Forest Sun — Walk Through Walls

With over 45 million plays on Pandora, troubadour and award-winning songwriter, Forest Sun, enlivens audiences around the globe with his wealth of songs and stories, all sung and told in a laid-back California style. Sun’s soulful music draws on a deep well of Americana.  His new album, Walk Through Walls, is available for pre-order now.


King of the Tramps — Cumplir con el Diablo

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on King of the Tramps — Cumplir con el Diablo

Cumplir con el Diablo cover art

King Of The Tramps is an original roots-rock group, based in Auburn, IA, whose sound calls upon influences from modern roots rock, rhythm and blues, rock and southern, country rock. Their sound has been described as “Whiskey Gospel”.  The band has released three albums of original music, Good People in 2011, Wicked Mountain in 2013, and Joyful Noise in 2014.

The King Of The Tramps live show is a foot stompin’, hand clappin’ rock and roll gospel party, with plenty of crowd participation.  The band is comprised of Todd Partridge on Guitar and vocals, Justin Snyder on Guitar and Mandolin, Adam Audlehelm on Keys, Ryan Aum on Drums and Ryan McAlister on Bass.

With Cumplir con el Diablo, the 4th album from the group, the tramps show that their “Whiskey Gospel” sound has more energy than ever, and their stories ring as true and hard as life on the road. The record features 9 songs and one bonus track.  Cumplir con el Diablo is about the general themes of being mired in the overwhelming personal quagmires and external hypocrisies’ that pull us all down on a daily basis. Translated, the album title means “Meet the Devil”, it is intended in the universal sense, as in “The devil is in the details”, or “Having a devil of a time”.


Fly Ashtray — We Buy Everything You Have

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Fly Ashtray — We Buy Everything You Have

Fly Ashtray is an American rock band, formed in 1983 in the Bronx, New York, by Chris Thomas, James Kavoussi, Eric Thomas, John Beekman and Mike Anzalone. At some point, Thomas and Anzalone left the band which led to Beekman moving from lead vocalist to bassist/guitarist, and then Kavoussi switched from keyboard to guitar. Glen Luttman joined the band at this juncture to play the drums.

Spoog, a side project, resulted with impromptu gigs when one or another member of the band was out of town. Anzalone and Kavoussi also played in Uncle Wiggly. Kavoussi has made solo records billed as Phoaming Edison. The line-up of Thomas, Kavoussi, Beekman and Luttman was stable for a lengthy period until Beekman’s duties were taken over in 1998 by Dave Abel.

In 2003, Luttman requested a leave of absence from Fly Ashtray, and in the same year Eric Marc Cohen took over drum duties.  The band released two records on Shimmy Disc and worked with Kramer.  More recently, the band’s music was featured in “Responsible Ballet and What We Need Is a Bench to Put Books On”, a dance piece choreographed by Jon Kinzel, and performed at The Kitchen in New York City.

The band’s new album, We Buy Everything You Have is coming out soon from Old Gold Records.


Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 — Soul Jazz Fridays

by Matt Earley | Comments Off on Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 — Soul Jazz Fridays

Soul Jazz Fridays cover art

Some things in life are just meant to be.  The first time Chris Hazelton experienced a real Hammond B-3 organ, he knew instantly that it was the instrument he was destined to play.  At the request of his college professor, the then-underage aspiring musician snuck into a dark Kansas City jazz club called Bobby’s Hangout to hear the man behind the console, jazz organ master Everette DeVan.  After several weeks of coaxing, Mr. DeVan agreed to take Chris on a student, showing him the ins and outs of the complex machine.  With a background in string bass and piano, Chris’ transfer to organ was a natural one.

Soul Jazz Fridays was recorded live at the Green Lady Lounge in Kansas City, MO on October 26th, 2015.  You can preorder it now.


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