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A lot of companies post reviews of their services, submitted by their customers. We are extremely grateful to our customers for valuing the level of quality control and customer service we provide.

But, the “proof is in the pudding”, so to speak – the opinions of the end consumers who buy records is really what matters most for anyone having records made. So, please find below some reviews from actual vinyl consumers who purchased records we pressed:

04/24/20By the way, you guys at GGR are hitting it out of the ballpark lately!  My most recent purchases SON VOLT, RYAN
BINGHAM  etc. have been flawless.  I’d say they are the best U.S. pressings I have had in over 50 years of
buying U.S. vinyl.  Keep up the good work!
04/19/20Only bought to date Shelby Lynne/Allison Moorer LP from you and it was fine. Very clear from my comments that specialist manufacturers are the ones I find best value and quality in current market place sd been buying vinyl since 1960s!!
04/16/20My two Crooked Fiddle albums are totes peachy
04/15/20When records first started making a comeback there was a lot of crap out there (beware of anything pressed between 92 and 2011, buy at your own peril….
04/13/20Here’s MY biggest complaint: I’m fuckin’ SICK of buying new records & there being no lyrics, no booklets.  Just the cover art & the vinyl.  It’s cheap & lazy & KILLS the enjoyment of the album, the artist, AND the label for me…  Growing up, the lyrics insert is how I learned the songs, and the credits are how I learned about new artists (when songs on the records were covers) and about other artists with the same band members…  That’s how it SHOULD be!!!
04/09/20verry good quality.
04/06/20I am 32 years old and LOVE listening to music on my record player. I enjoy the continuity of the album playing in the order laid out by the artist and its nice to physically own the music since so much these days is digital. I like to browse the albums on my rack to choose what’s up next and it just a very different experience from scrolling Spotify. This was my first Gotta Groove purchase (The Dip: Delivers) and I am very happy with the quality. 
04/02/20The recent records from Gotta Groove I’ve purchased are fantastic.  Keep up the good work.
03/29/20Quality is key! I believe this is my first record from Gotta Groove, as far as I know.  So far, so good.  I’ve purchased 3 or 4 brand new records in the past 2 years that skipped right out of the packaging, and it almost turned me off of vinyl completely.  I considered only buying old pressings, as I didn’t have that issue with used records. Looking forward to companies like yours making a quality product that keeps people buying!
03/28/20Since I have recent GBV records at hand, I think they’re great.  Look, feel, SOUND.  Gotta Groove is a selling point for me.  Also, I’m from Cleveland, but that’s not why I know about y’all.  Which is cool, too.
03/07/20I can’t wait to listen to St. Paul & The Broken Bones!!  I just discovered them on YouTube last week!!
03/06/20Great job on the records you’ve already pressed. Keep up the good work.
03/05/20Listening to R Millis now and the sound quality is very good.
02/26/20GG seems above average. Most companies (audiophile labels included) are usuallly poor with dirty, noisy and warped records. 
02/16/20Critical Equation is one of only a handful of records I’ve bought where it sounded like a magically enhanced version of the songs I’ve listened to digitally. That’s what records should sound like!
02/13/20Great warm, clean sound from gotta groove Jason Isbell “The Nashville Sound”
02/09/20I believe this is the first and so far so good.
02/03/20I appreciate having a high-quality anti-static inner sleeve when I pay extra for high-quality pressings. Paper sleeves contribute dust and can scratch the vinyl during the packing process. Quality control is, I think, much better now than it was in the ’70s, but some sloppy mastering and lacquer cutting still creeps in. An experienced mastering engineer is worth his weight in gold during the cutting and especially during the plating and de-horning process. I dislike the current trend toward putting 12 songs on two 12″ records; it costs more and makes me wonder: was this a profit-boosting exercise, or do today’s cutters simply not know how to cut a pitch fine enough to accommodate 6 songs per side?
01/24/20Always tell all musician and list songs in correct order and length of the songs and recordingstudio and recording date etc. and the more info the better 🙂
01/24/20always include a download for every vinyl, even 7″
01/23/20the one vinyl I have from you sounds great which is a modern release so have nothing to compare it too but wherever possible take from the original analog source and get the best guy you can afford to master it. quality must always come first as we don’t want vinyl to ever fade away
01/20/20I have been buying records for over 45 years and truly believe quality has really increased. I have concerns about quality if production numbers increase.
01/17/20There are certain plants I’ve come to avoid, but often times its hard to tell until it’s too late. This particular LP sounded great, so keep up the good work.
01/14/20So far so good…
01/13/20Cleveland rocks!
01/13/20I appreciate digital downloads with records. It seems most major label records of popular musicians do not offer digital downloads while independent/smaller labels do.
01/10/20Please give information on the producer and/or mastering in the records.  A simple 1/2 sheet of cheap-o printer paper with names and why they were chosen would be super cool and help people (including myself) learn who I would like to follow or trust in the records’ productions.
01/10/20The new records I have purchased by Gotta Groove and others so far are wonderful, with those paper inner sleeves are the weak link in the chain. I change them immediately to protect my precious vinyl. 
01/06/20keep up the great work
01/05/20Newly produced vinyl should ONLY be placed in basic paper, or Mobile fidelity type (preferred) sleeves, (as you guys have been using for Colemine records for example).  Heavyweight waxy sleeves always scratch the record (Booo!).  Also, I go out of my way to ensure a digital version is included with my purchase whether a download card or a site that offers it with purchase as Bandcamp does.  Preferably lossless WAC or FLAC.  I would be glad to answer more questions as I have plenty of thoughts on vinyl 🙂   Keep up the good work and Thanks
01/05/20download codes are nice
12/29/19So far so good
12/27/19With vinyl, digital downloads are a must.  So much of life is on the go, music needs to be portable.
12/27/19You’re mastering of the discs are superb, nothing but flawlessness .
12/24/19My copy of The Residents’s Duck Stab sounds great, in terms of both pressing quality (few to no pops during quieter passages) and the master employed (very full-sounding and dynamic, rendering natural-sounding highs and incredibly deep lows)
12/19/19This listen presented a very nice recording. The blacks on the LP we’re quiet when they were supposed to be and the sound was nicely balance. Please never compromise the music by leaving out dynamics and over-compressing. That’s was ruined many Cd’s over the years. 
12/17/19First time  :looks good !
12/16/19Every step in the process is essential (mastering/lathe/lacquer/mechanicals/stampers/pressing plant). Most consumers don’t know or care how a record is made, but they can hear the difference!
12/08/19This is my first album from Gotta Groove.  It looks and sounds great.
12/01/19All new records should include dust free inner sleeves, not paper.
11/28/19love parker Millsap’s quality 
11/26/19I can’t really see where the record is pressed, but the one I’ve just downloaded (Lucinda Williams, Ghosts…) has an exceptional good  sound quality on vinyl.
11/24/19Generally been positive for me.  
11/23/19Thank you for including a lossless download file voucher with my vinyl purchase instead of just an MP3 file. I appreciate the better quality.
11/23/19Sound quality matters a lot
11/20/19Have only purchased one, but the sound quality was as good as most major label records I own, and actually better than a fair amount of them
11/20/19High quality products coming from high quality record labels choosing to use a reputable manufacturer.
11/19/19I’ve had no problem so far 
11/18/19Gotta Groove records sound and look great, always appreciate the quality control aspect. I really dislike the sound of records pressed by [removed].
11/16/19Beautiful work there at GGR
11/15/19I haven’t had any issues with a Gotta Groove press. Quality of pressings should be number one priority. 
11/15/19The colors of vinyl are oddly more vibrant than other plants
11/15/19Great stuff, never an issue 
11/15/19Y’all rule. Keep it up!

These comments are tabulated from emails we periodically receive directly from consumers, as well as from optional survey responses submitted from consumers who redeem download codes hosted by GGR. Results are tabulated and updated monthly.

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