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A lot of companies post reviews of their services, submitted by their customers. We are extremely grateful to our customers for valuing the level of quality control and customer service we provide.

But, the “proof is in the pudding”, so to speak – the opinions of the end consumers who buy records is really what matters most for anyone having records made. So, please find below some reviews from actual vinyl consumers who purchased records we pressed:

10/1/2020I think you guys are the best pressing plant in North America and I am not just saying that – I have very high standards having bought Japanese vinyl most of my life.  Keep up the good work!
9/28/2020So far looks great. No warping or imperfections in the vinyl
9/27/2020Your vinyls sounds great. As said, as long as a analog master is used, the chance of getting a good sounding record, is much higher. Doublevinyls…please make them with around 20-25 minutes each side. If a record is around 60 minutes, use 3 sides and leave the 4th blank. It’s anoing turning sides every every 10-15 minutes. The soundquality is not effected before you’re near 25…
9/26/2020I’ve always found the quality to be excellent.
9/19/2020The Craig Bell album sounds fantastic. I was impressed by the quality of the pressing. It was terrifically quiet!
9/15/2020In my experience, 45rpm makes a BIG difference to sound quality of a 12″
9/15/2020Keep it up
9/13/2020the Nashville sound sounds noticibly better than other records I have, keep it up with the quality
8/24/2020I’m not aware of having any issue with Gotta Groove pressings, although sometimes it’s unknown who did pressing. In general, around 2008 or so there was a stretch where I got a lot of new records with crazy warps. Sometimes it’d still play fine, but other times it would result in a regular, audible clicks, etc. That was a bummer, but it seems like I run into that less. It’s always funny when I pull out old records from the 70s that are as flat as a pancake. Hopefully the industry has gotten over that. But anyhow, all that aside, vinyl rules, thanks for keeping it alive!
8/22/2020You guys package your records amazingly! Thank you for doing so!
8/19/2020Keep the quality level where it’s at.
8/13/2020all good
8/11/2020I have 3 records from 1 more revolution records that have come with your download cards. If you have been the ones to press these 3 records I like the quality and think they sound great! I listen to a lot of records from many different decades and genres but those 3 i have do not sound any different from the rest of my collection. Not as loud as my 80s vinyl but nothing is that loud anymore
8/9/2020I have a few records from Gotta Groove Pressing. I have always enjoyed the entire package on those pressings.
7/17/2020I don’t think y’all do this, but once I bought a double album shoved into one sleeve and it was very annoying and disappointing.
7/13/2020my first one sounds great!
7/8/2020i like em, send me more please
7/1/2020You are doing a great job. keep up the good work. Remember these days vinyl is about quality and that includes the inner & outer sleeves. The albums I most admire for all round quality are all produced by KScope for Steven Wilson & the now disbanded Porcupine Tree. There is no flimsy cardboard, the inner sleeves slip into the outer sleeve like a dream, and the vinyl is superbly pressed. It makes me want to buy more just thinking about them 🙂
6/21/2020This one – Fun Machine – (LSD) is excellent
6/20/2020Os he descubierto hace poco pero estoy satisfecho con la calidad de vuestros registros asi como la presentaciĂłn
6/19/2020I like records with FLAC download codes (not just mp3), and are not warped. My issues with warped new records (and also storage taking so much space) is the main thing that limits my vinyl purchases.
6/13/2020I have a high opinion of Gotta Groove and consider it a quality plant. Also, had chance to visit and everyone was great.
6/12/2020The LPs I’ve got so far from you seem to be good pressings and masterings – thanks!
6/5/2020This is my first Gotta Groove Record, seemed to be the printing quality is good, very clean, no printing leavings. Good protecting inner sleeve. And the HD download is definitely reason for buying too. There are some, the way I see, sloppily european pressings, for e.g. the Johnny Cash Unearthed Box. The “small label” pressings are mostly verry good.
6/4/2020I have two and they both sound very good.
6/4/2020usually brilliant. some companies sellers fall down on packaging who want a bent LP cover then hassle to get refund then buy again!
6/1/2020Honestly, I think Gotta Groove is a higher quality than average and enjoy your products. I also have records pressed by you and refer clients to you all the time.
6/1/2020I bought Imaginary Appalachia by Colter Wall and it sounded great!
5/28/2020I am pleased with Gotta Groove. I have gotten brand new just released lps that have been barley warped, noisy, and scratched pretty bad. This will happen but it is a real bummer. Luckily most places are really cool about replacing with a good copy. I hate having to return a record to a record shop. In fact I never have. Even if I really should. From what I hear they don’t really get reimbursed much on defects. I don’t want them to be left holding the bag so I just keep them and deal with it so they can make their money.
5/26/2020I feel this pressing of Andrew Mckeag band sounds excellent.
5/25/2020Gotta Groove records quality seems to be at the shop of quality.
5/23/2020Quality is key. Buying a new record that is either warped or has hair line scratches/scuffs is incredibly disappointing. There are some vinyl albums I will not buy because of the review or manufacturing plant that they were pressed at.
5/19/2020Please keep the records coming!
5/13/2020I’ve had VERY FEW issues with smaller labels/MFGs. They’re good quality. Larger labels – the record comes dirty, or with rough edges, or flakes of vinyl in the sleeve with the record.
5/12/2020was so good
5/9/2020They are great
5/5/2020I’ve liked the US releases I’ve heard that were pressed at Gotta Groove
5/5/2020make more!!!
4/28/2020Overall package is important and a good sounding
12/8/2019This is my first album from Gotta Groove.  It looks and sounds great.
12/1/2019All new records should include dust free inner sleeves, not paper.
11/28/2019love parker Millsap’s quality 
11/26/2019I can’t really see where the record is pressed, but the one I’ve just downloaded (Lucinda Williams, Ghosts…) has an exceptional good  sound quality on vinyl.
11/24/2019Generally been positive for me.  
11/23/2019Thank you for including a lossless download file voucher with my vinyl purchase instead of just an MP3 file. I appreciate the better quality.
11/23/2019Sound quality matters a lot
11/20/2019Have only purchased one, but the sound quality was as good as most major label records I own, and actually better than a fair amount of them
11/20/2019High quality products coming from high quality record labels choosing to use a reputable manufacturer.
11/19/2019I’ve had no problem so far 
11/18/2019Gotta Groove records sound and look great, always appreciate the quality control aspect. I really dislike the sound of records pressed by [removed].
11/16/2019Beautiful work there at GGR
11/15/2019I haven’t had any issues with a Gotta Groove press. Quality of pressings should be number one priority. 
11/15/2019The colors of vinyl are oddly more vibrant than other plants
11/15/2019Great stuff, never an issue 
11/15/2019Y’all rule. Keep it up!

These comments are tabulated from emails we periodically receive directly from consumers, as well as from optional survey responses submitted from consumers who redeem download codes hosted by GGR. Results are tabulated and updated monthly.

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