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Record Store Day 2011 Vinyl Pressing Info

The folks at Record Store Day have set a deadline of February 1, 2011 to provide them with information on the commercial vinyl pieces that you would like to release.  You can contact Carrie Colliton at [email protected] with such information, or if you have questions.

We would love to press your vinyl releases for RSD, so here is a general timeline of when you need to order from us to have product in time for your distributor, or for directly to retailers:

RSD Vinyl Pressing Orders submitted 2/1 should ship by 3/15

RSD Vinyl Pressing Orders submitted by 2/7 should ship by 3/22

RSD Vinyl Pressing Orders submitted by 2/14 should ship by 3/29

RSD Vinyl Pressing Orders submitted by 2/21 should ship by 4/5

RSD Vinyl Pressing Orders submitted by 2/28 should ship by 4/12

* Please note that delays in test pressing/art approvals/other circumstances can alter these timelines.

Distribution / Fulfillment:

Save time and expense by having us ship your RSD product to your end customer on your behalf!  We will pick/pack/ship all of your RSD product for you, sending it to your end retail and wholesale customers — please call Matt at (800) 295-0171 or email him at [email protected] for details on how to sign up!

Easy, Fun, High Quality Record Pressing

-Professional mastering and cutting
-High quality plating & pressing
-Unsurpassed vinyl quality control
-Custom printed packaging
-Download audio/video hosting
-Distribution/fulfillment consulting
-Responsive customer service

We want to press your next record.

Contact Information:
(800) 295-0171
[email protected]

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